If you're moving, don't bring clutter to your new home. Find ways to get rid of items you no longer have use for. (trekandshoot/shutterstock.com)

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com

For most people, it isn’t until you begin packing your home up for a move that you realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. It doesn’t take long for your belongings to really start to pile up. Often when people move, they realize how much of that accumulation they really don’t want to bring with them into their new space for one reason or another. Here are a few ways to help make moving easier by eliminating some of the things you don’t want in your new home:

If you’re moving, don’t bring clutter to your new home. Find ways to get rid of items you no longer have use for. (trekandshoot/shutterstock.com)

Host a Swap Party

Swap parties are a chance for you to bring people into your home in order for people to trade out their belongings with others. Usually, hosts try to focus on one particular category of items like toys, kitchen goods, clothes, tools, etc. This is a good chance for you to trade out your gently used items for things that might be more useful. At the end of this party however, the host is generally responsible for taking all of the leftover swap items to a donation center. This is a good way for you to be able to not only receive more useful things, but to actually see your belongings go to friends and neighbors who can get real use out of them.

Put Things in Storage

A storage unit is always a good choice (truth: I might be biased towards using storage, but it IS a good option). Storage units are great for keeping nearly anything safeguarded. If your new home doesn’t have a lot of storage space, don’t throw away or give away a lot of your stuff. Put those things in storage. Putting seasonal items into storage is perfect for smaller places. Holiday decorations, out-of-season clothes, and yard equipment are a few examples of seasonal items that are perfect for putting into a storage unit.

Donate Things You Can’t Use

Donating your items that you’ve outgrown or no longer need is a selfless choice. There are people who might be in great need of what you haven’t touched in years. Bringing along things because you just might, someday, in a random chance need them isn’t exactly getting a fresh start in your new home. Carrying along items you don’t need and trying to find places for them isn’t efficient and you might just be helping somebody in need if you unload some of these items when you’re moving. If you have unique items, ask charities and organizations related to that specific area if they could use it rather than donating it to a generic facility. For example, a high-end car cleaning kit might fetch more money at a silent auction held by a car club than it would being sent off to a thrift store that doesn’t cater to a clientele focused on such things.

Moving is a chance for a fresh start. It is a chance for you to reduce the clutter you’ve built up over time. Take this time to purge what you don’t use and either acquire things you can use or simply make space for new things down the line. Many people out there might get great use out of something that you’ve had collecting dust. How you trade, sell, store, or donate your items is up to you. Simply try to find a way to see that when you’re moving that you aren’t wasting time, money, and effort moving something you have no use for any longer.