Remember Packing Basics to Calm Nerves

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

The lovely Carrie Underwood said,  “If you’re not nervous about it, then you don’t care about it,” or something to that general effect this morning on Good Morning America. I can’t quite remember her precise wording, but I liked what she said. Then it got me to thinking about packing and storage (obviously) and how the same rings true about moving and storing your stuff. Then I took it a step farther (yes, I have had a lot of coffee this morning so deep thinking is a must) and thought that if you pack well enough, then you can eliminate the “nervous” factor and take your worries down to a generic state of cautiousness. Remembering to do certain packing basics should go a long way when packing up to move or load your storage unit.

If you follow the rules of packing basics, then moving & storing your things should help you calm down a little. (gpointstudio/

If you follow the rules of packing basics, then moving & storing your things should help you calm down a little. (gpointstudio/

Some box packing basics to remember:

-It’s fantastic to reuse boxes, but make sure they are still clean and of a good quality.

-Use lots of tape when putting boxes together. Having to buy more tape is a much better problem to have than needing to repair whatever fell out of a busted box.

-Put heavier items on the bottom of boxes.

-Fill boxes completely–even if you just use crumpled packing paper.

-Label fragile boxes as “fragile” several times on the box with bold lettering.

-Individually wrap each glass or fragile item.

Some storage unit packing basics to remember:

-Leave aisles down the middle and/or down the walls of your storage unit for good air flow and easier access to your stuff.

-Put items you’re most likely to need to get to in the front of the unit.

-Break down large items whenever possible to make them more space efficient.

-Rent a climate-controlled storage unit when storing electronics, antiques, wooden furniture, or any other sensitive items.

Safety tips are part of packing basics:

-Stack boxes with the largest, heaviest boxes on the bottom.

-Use hand trucks to move heavy items.

-Access your storage unit during cooler parts of the day.

-Put a secure lock on the door of your storage unit.

-Organize boxes so you can easily walk around to avoid tripping hazards.

Even though Carrie Underwood was talking about hosting an awards show and being nervous means you care, I think the same can sort of be applied to the packing and storage process. If you follow some packing basics, you should be able to dial down your nervousness a little to a lesser level.

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