Rent Mini Storage for Proper Antique Storage

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

We have a friend of the family whose home looks like a museum. She has collectibles covering nearly every square inch of her home. Vintage lunchboxes, Shirley Temple dolls, presidential campaign buttons, Barbie dolls, mint condition magazines, and more can all be found in her dining room. She is lucky enough to live in a home without pets or small children, so to an extent she can somewhat get away with this. However, sun damage, potential theft, and the fact that her house is FILLED with stuff could potentially be a problem. For safer and better antique storage, she should be putting some of her valuable items into a climate controlled storage unit.

Proper antique storage doesn't mean you have to hide your items in boxes. You can find a good unit using to protect your items while they are still accessible. (Stocksnapper/

Proper antique storage doesn’t mean you have to hide your items in boxes. You can find a good unit using to protect your items while they are still accessible. (Stocksnapper/

Walking into her home is fascinating because you can find the most amazing and most random stuff. I never knew so many Bonanza lunch boxes existed or so many Elvis figurines had been made. Antique storage at a storage facility is a better option for some items like these. In a storage unit, the sun’s damaging light won’t have the chance to fade the colors of the paint and fabrics like it does when these items are at her home. Renting out a storage unit to keep some of the more valuable, investment pieces safe is a good choice. While not all of her figurines are valuable or special, some of them are and protecting their value by renting a good space perfect for antique storage is something to look into.

While our friend does not do this, I’ve seen many people keep valuable collectibles in their attics, garages, or basements for safe keeping. These items might now be out of the way of the dangers of daily life (like kid’s sticky fingers or muddy dogs), but the heat and humidity might impact them. Renting a climate controlled storage unit for antique storage helps to protect your items from potential damage.

If you live in an area prone to severe weather, renting out a storage unit for your antique storage needs is a good idea as well. Many storage facilities are built extremely well and will withstand severe weather better than your home. It would be a shame to have vintage collector’s items get ruined by storm damage.

Also, if you keep a lot of collectibles in your home like our friend does, you should keep in mind safety. Those collectibles that can be seen from the window or if a reputation for having expensive items in your home grows, you might put yourself at risk. Renting out a storage unit is a great way to keep you and your collections safe.

If you’ve taken time and money to invest in a collection, you should also invest in its proper storage. When you find a local storage unit, you can visit your items frequently and can still enjoy them. Using good antique storage practices helps to make sure you’re going to be able to enjoy your items for even longer and help to retain their condition over time. While it is neat seeing an original Barbie doll when I visit her house, I wouldn’t be heartbroken to know that Barbie had found a new home in a storage unit that was better equipped for antique storage.

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