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My wildest dreams came true when we bought our new house—aside from just the joy of actually owning a home. I got my own walk-in closet all to myself. Not going to lie, I may or may not have spent a lot of time sitting in the floor of my new closet just enjoying the possibilities when we first moved in. As a surprise to me, and treat for himself because he got to use all of his tools, my husband decided he wanted to add more storage space and organizational features in my prized new closet. Actually, I secretly think he put all of that stuff in there because he can’t stand how messy I keep my stuff naturally and he was hoping it would help keep me together. Whatever the reason, my handbags and boots have plenty of space and I have more storage room than I know what to do with yet.

His first step for fixing up my closet was to rip everything out and create a plan. Much like with the garage, the hubby’s first step is to always start with a clean slate, a notepad full of measurements, and sketched plans of what you want from your new space. Having known each other for nearly half of our lives, he knew that handbag and boot storage solutions were a must. After that, I needed shelves for sweaters and space for long hanging items. Having those priority items kept in the front of your mind will help to ensure a successful final result.

With that in mind and measurements in hand, he hit the hardware store and got all of the shelves, poles, screws, and nails that he could possibly need. Don’t worry too much about getting plastic storage bins or baskets yet. Wait until you have everything assembled and start putting stuff back in to get that stuff. Also, bit of advice: make sure you stick to your measurement guides that you wrote down before you left. Do this because you don’t want to be making 15 trips back and forth to the store because you bought the wrong sizes. There should be displays with many, many choices at most large hardware stores so you can match up your requirements with the options that are available. There are drawers, shoe racks, laundry accessories, and much more!

My favorite thing that he bought would have to be the wooden peg racks for my handbags. One wall is covered in handbags & purses. My second favorite is that he tried to get enough shoe storage racks and leave room for my boots underneath. (Emphasis on the “tried” part). Also, leaving space in the bottom of the closet for two laundry baskets, one for colors and one for whites, is a great idea. Just remember what you need from your closet space and have fun with it.

During installation, you need to stick to your plan. Any variations you make now will throw everything off. Closets present a very structured space to work in that doesn’t often yield much wiggle room. If you start moving stuff around, you might not have room enough for everything you planned on in the beginning. Don’t get frustrated if you have to make multiple trips to the store, because it happens to everybody. Lastly, make sure you use a level when hanging everything because nobody wants their stuff to go sliding off a shelf or a pole in the middle of the night.

My closet is now fairly full and I try my best to use all of the storage and organizational components he put in there for me. Not going to lie, I’m a bit messy, but I love my closet. I can always find what a want because everything has a space. The small miracles in life make me happy. When re-doing your closet, remember your priorities and remember to measure everything.

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