business storage unit

By Graci Woodworth,

Looking for a convenient hub to house to a startup company or small business? While a storage unit is likely not the first thought to cross your mind, it may work its way to the top of your list after reading up on all of its perks below. Check out why many businesses in their early years choose a self storage facility for their rental solutions.

Additional Features

If you haven’t been to a storage facility lately, you might be surprised at all of the new amenities included in a storage rental that are often times overlooked. With options including WiFi access and electrical outlets within individual units themselves, a storage unit can meet all of the requirements necessary for running a small business. Many facilities even offer separate storage areas for business centers, to cater specifically to those who are interested in locations for business operations. (Not to mention the perk of a climate-controlled space, so you can be confident in a comfortable working environment, too!)

Top Notch Security

In addition to the convenience features listed above, self storage facilities are some of the most secure locations for your office headquarters . Because self storage properties are usually fenced in entirely, facilities equip their tenants with electronic gate access or personal pin entry to give them completely secured access to their unit. A lot of facilities also have surveillance systems, with video cameras positioned throughout the property for extra security.

More Bang for Your Buck

If you’re business is still in the beginning stages, a place of operations with affordable and flexible rent is not as much of a wish as it is a requirement. Luckily with self storage facilities, many rentals come with payment flexibility on a month-to-month basis—meaning you’re not stuck with the location for an extended period of time like most rental properties. Since a storage unit is also a cheaper alternative to other commercial real estate, your business location operates without the stress of long-term or expensive monthly rent in a time table that is completely decided by you.

Does a storage facility sound like an ideal home for the success of your business? Contact a facility operator or manger to inquire more about their guidelines and restrictions for your personal business endeavor.