Safe Storage Experiences Begin at the Packing Stage

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

“Be very careful with it. My grandmother’s jewelry box is in it.” I might’ve well have said, “just chuck it on the ground” because it inevitably got broken because my theory of “we’l just handle it carefully because it is marked ‘fragile’ will work.” It didn’t work and my grandmother’s jewelry box got broken. After you rent your cheap storage unit that you found on, be sure to pack your things in boxes and then load them into storage units in ways that are safe no matter what accidents might occur. Having a safe storage experience for you and your items starts with the packing.

You have to assume accidents happen and pack with that mindset of trying to achieve safe storage. (RTimages/

You have to assume accidents happen and pack with that mindset of trying to achieve safe storage. (RTimages/

First, assume the worst. Assume that a box will get dropped or that a label will be ignored. Keeping in mind how many potential steps a box could tumble down between your home and the box’s final destination. Having this pessimistic mindset should help you be in the right frame of mind for packing.

Next, use that mindset to load your boxes well. Individually wrap everything. Hopefully you’ve collected old newspapers, packing paper, bubble wrap, or even old towels to act as shields for your things. Every picture frame, dish, glass, mirror, electronic device….anything even remotely breakable should be individually wrapped. Wrapping helps to keep things from bouncing into each other and cracking while in transit. It might seem like a LOT of paper is being used to wrap each and every plate and bowl, but it is worth it to not have to buy new dishes! Wrap up each item like you think somebody is going to drop that box.

Fill boxes with crumpled paper. (SUSAN LEGGETT/

Fill boxes with crumpled paper. (SUSAN LEGGETT/

Next, fill those boxes completely. I’m a fan of using many small and medium sized boxes to make them easier to fill quickly without weighing them down. Each and every box should be filled completely. Crumpled paper is perfect for filling in all extra room in a box.

Load your vehicle and later your storage unit with the mindset that an earthquake or something will happen and try to push over your organized boxes. Make each stack as neat and sturdy as possible. Putting the biggest and heaviest boxes on the bottom helps to keep the stacks sturdy. Then as the stacks get taller, the boxes should be lighter and smaller. Try to use no more than three different sizes of boxes in a stack to help keep the stack sturdy.

Packing with a “safe storage” mindset should help your items reach their final destination more successfully.

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