wine storage
wine storage

Even though studies have shown millennials are consuming a great deal of wine compared to other generations, wine storage is something that many people still want and need. Whether you own a restaurant and need to keep your extra inventory safe or you just have a lovely collection of your own, having somewhere safe to keep your vintages is important. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of having our own wine cellar–true story, I went into a home recently that had a wine cellar bigger than my first apartment’s bedroom–so we have to turn elsewhere. Thankfully, you can find places to stow away your bottles at a nearby storage unit.


One tip for storing wine is to make sure you’re using a climate controlled unit. Even though we might not always be patient enough to enjoy our drinks at the proper temperatures, your wine should be stored that way. Extreme heat and freezing temps can damage your bottle or at least change the taste of your vino. Recently, I was told that even letting your wine sit in your car for a day or two, which I’m definitely guilty of from time to time, can negatively impact your drink!


Next, be sure that you’re storing your wine at a proper angle. You don’t want to your to dry out, but you don’t want to store your bottles upside down either. Letting bottles stand on end will cause the cork to become dry and brittle and if you’ve ever tasted cork tainted wine before, then you’ll know that this is something to avoid. It’s a shame to let a perfectly good vintage fall victim to the awful, earthy, and plain gross taste of a crumbling cork.


Also, another reason to opt for a wine storage unit at a local facility instead of your back room in your home, is because wine needs to be kept out of the sunlight. Wine bottles aren’t different colors just for the sake of it; darker bottles help to protect kinds of wine that need protection from UV rays. No wine enjoys being baked by the sun, but some can tolerate it slightly better than others. Don’t risk wasting your money by letting the sun turn your wine. Tuck those bottles away in a dark place for safe keeping!


Throughout your local area you should be able to find a storage facility that has a wine storage unit that doesn’t experience a lot of nearby foot traffic; that sort of setup will be perfect for wine collections of any size! If you need help finding a unit you can look here:


Assess your vino collection and see if it is time to upgrade how you keep your malbecs, rieslings, and zinfindels ready and fresh.