You want to make sure you are having quality moving experience without having to spend a fortune.

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

“Quality vs Quantity” is an age old debate. People have been discussing and arguing this for centuries. When it comes to moving, this debate still rolls strong. Moving carries with it many expenses, so people often try to save money whenever possible–as they should. Here are some tips on areas to save money with and areas where you SHOULDN’T pick the cheapest option:

You want to make sure you are having quality moving experience without having to spend a fortune.


You always want boxes that are of a GOOD QUALITY but it is fairly easy to get boxes of good quality for free! You can go around to local businesses and ask them for their boxes that they are about to send off to recycling. I’ve gotten boxes from grocery stores numerous times. I tend to use the free boxes for general household items and PURCHASE NEW boxes (or borrow gently used ones that haven’t once contained food) for things like my clothes.

Packing Materials

Start begging for, collecting, and scouting out places for cheap packing paper. Sending out an email to friends asking for old newspapers is a GREAT way to get cheap packing supplies. Also, saving wrapping paper is fantastic (if a possibility). If you’re getting married within a short time after a major present-giving holiday or a little kid’s birthday, you can rake in some great packing paper. Wrapping paper doesn’t have ink that rubs off like newspaper.

Moving Companies

Research, research, research and find a moving company that offers you the BEST VALUE. Best value doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest. Learn about their reputation, what they offer, and take note of how they treat you when you’re making your phone calls. Personally, I don’t trust nearly all of my worldly possessions with just anybody. I make sure the company I use to move offers a good, well-respected service and I’m willing to pay a little more for that.

Storage Options

When you sell your house, time is money. Using a storage unit can help you keep your home clean and organized that can often help make your home more appealing to buyers. Again, when I’m trusting my worldly possessions with a company, I choose quality without question. I go with a company that offers me the best value for self storage.

There are more ways to save, but these are just for easy ways to save money without having to sacrifice the quality of your moving experience. Having “quality” as  a theme of your move just might lead to you having more of your items successfully make it from your old home to your new home. So save money, but don’t risk damaging your items by being cheap!


  1. When we were moving last year, we availed of a storage in Sydney and it was very convenient for us. They gave us package modules for storage so we didn’t have to buy lots of boxes and they also packed our items for us. It’s such a great experience that we didn’t even have to lift heavy boxes during the entire transfer!