Protect Your Back While Moving

By Mike

There are many challenges that come with moving, but none are as taxing as the lifting, bending over, and other physically-demanding movements. Many of the items you’re moving are large and awkward to carry, especially when going up or down a set of stairs. If you’re not picking these items up properly, then your back could be suffering. Follow these tips and your back will thank you later.

  • Use Proper Form – This is one that you’ve probably heard a million times: “Lift with your legs, not your back.” The thing is, this is great advice that a lot of people still don’t follow. Moving requires repetitive lifting, and even the smaller boxes can take a toll on your back if they aren’t lifted correctly.
  • Teamwork – When moving, it always helps to have someone else. If only a few people are tasked with moving a large amount, eventually, they will tire and their form will start to falter. Having friends and family around to help will distribute the work and lessen injury and exhaustion.
  • Moving Tools – There are also a wide variety of moving tools that can take some of the stress off of your body. Forearm lifts are one tool that are incredibly easy to use and remove a lot of stress from your body when lifting heavy items, such as furniture or appliances. Other items, like dollies, can help you roll items along rather than carrying them.
  • Give Yourself Time – Don’t try to pack and move everything in a very limited amount of time. It forces you to rush, which increases your risk of getting injured. Leave plenty of time so that you focus not only on getting everything loaded, but on taking care of yourself as well.

Coming out of a big move with an injured back is the last thing anyone needs. Take our advice and follow the steps above to make sure that this doesn’t happen.