The end of September is a transitional time where people exchange their summer items for winter ones!

Tis the season for holiday décor swapping, and self storage seems to be the right solution for many holiday décor junkies.  Let’s face it, throw pillows, figurines, wreaths, candle, candle holders, and any number of other decorative items you use each season take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have infinite storage space in our homes for all of these awesome little items. Also, a lot of these items are temperature sensitive and can’t be put into a basement, attic, or garage because items can’t get too hot or too cold and most of us don’t have those parts of our homes climate controlled. A climate controlled, 5X15 storage units is the perfect size for any seasonal swap.

As fall begins, it is time to start thinking about your seasonal decorations. Pine cone center pieces, fallen leaf wreaths, scarecrows sitting on bookshelves…autumn is a fantastic time for decorating because the options are so plentiful! However, before you can decorate your home for the autumn and winter months, you will need to pack up and store all of your summer home accessories.

September is normally a transitional month, and the best time (and weather) to pack up your pastel summer décor, patio furniture and barbeque grill. A big 5×15 unti can house a room to a room and a half worth of furniture–or a whole lot of summer decorations and lawn furniture.

Clearing out summer stuff to make room for other decorations doesn’t mean just chucking everything in the unit, shutting the door, and forgetting about it until spring. If you do that, I don’t think you’ll be a happy camper when you pull everything back out to make the spring swap. You’re going to want to make sure you clean any pieces you plan to store like seat cushions, hammocks, umbrellas and especially the grill. Trust us; you’ll be glad you did come spring! (Sidenote: You’re probably going to have to keep the grill’s propane tank at home.) Oh, and don’t forget to label and box accordingly.  Make sure grill and furniture covers are in place, as this keeps dust and dirt out of nooks and crannies. Yes, even in a closed storage unit, things can get dusty and dirty. Why? Who knows, but be sure to cover items so they retain their quality.

Making the Swap

Don't step over volleyball nets when you're looking for snow shovels! Put seasonal items into storage units.

Question: Should you take both fall and winter décor out of self storage, or just one at a time?

Answer: It all depends on when you would like to start decorating. Some say you should start your winter holiday décor right after Halloween has concluded, but it seems that most people wait till after Thanksgiving to kick off their light displays and rooftop Santa’s. If you decide to come back to your self storage unit to get the winter holiday gear out post-Thanksgiving, make sure your storage facility has a plan in place for mucky weather and snow removal for easy loading and transporting. Otherwise, plan on bringing your entire holiday décor collection home on the first early autumn trip.

Starting your decoration transition now can make all the difference for an already stressful holiday season. Organizing can help your holiday and family gatherings go off without a hitch.

So start planning now so you can get a storage unit this weekend and make the seasonal swap. I also like the idea of keeping your seasonal clothes in a storage unit as well. It’s so nice to have roomy closets and drawers when you keep all of your seasonal stuff out of the way!