Outdoor Storage Units

While a lot of muscle may be involved with filling your storage unit, a certain amount of finesse and brain power will be needed as well when you begin the rental process. The old saying of “first in, last out” most definitely needs to be kept at the forefront of your thoughts when you begin the loading process, but there’s more to consider when putting anything in your storage unit.  For starters, are you even renting the right unit for your needs? You’re in luck, but USstoragesearch.com has many resources to help you.

Your first step is to think about what size of storage unit you’ll need. Look at your items to evaluate how much you will be putting into your unit; now add a little bit on to that preliminary number to estimate how large of a unit you will be require. Inevitably, whether you’re using this self storage unit for personal or business reasons, more items and boxes will be piled in than you anticipate. With drive-up units and self storage facilities with 24-hour access, you can think of this storage space almost like an extra garage on your home. With such easy access, you’ll want to make sure you have ample space to store everything you know you need tucked away and then some. Size options for units vary between facilities, but typically you’ll find spaces anywhere from a large closet to something that can hold a mansion’s worth of items.

Also, consider if you’ll need a climate controlled unit. Those hot, often humid, summer months will be upon us before you know and nights are still dipping below freezing currently. What items will you be keeping in storage that might be negatively impacted by fluctuating extremes? Electronics, sports memorabilia, candles, wooden furniture, collectibles, and business inventory only tip the list of things that can be hurt by temperature changes. Renting a climate controlled storage unit can yield peace of mind.

Many facilities offer a variety of amenities. The previously mentioned drive-up units and facilities with 24-hour access are just a couple of options to consider. Some facilities offer packing and moving supplies on site so you can add to your unit whenever you need to in a secure fashion. Speaking of security, some mini storage facilities have surveillance equipment and fences for added protection to your items. One amenity often forgotten about is pest control. Even the cleanest of facilities can fall victim to critters, so finding a facility that fights the good fight against pests is something to consider. Another bonus some of your local self storage facilities might offer would be package delivery acceptance. This option is especially great for somebody keeping their small business items in a storage locker.

With so many opportunities for traditional storage, it is sometimes easy to forget about other things that can be stored like your vehicles, boat, and even your wine collection. Having a secure option for these expensive and valuable things should be considered. While you’re weighing the pros and cons of your traditional self storage solutions, consider options for your larger, investment pieces as well.

Being able to use your storage space to its highest capabilities is important. You want to make sure your things come out in the same condition that they were put in the space. That starts with renting the right unit at the right size. Cramming your items into a storage unit can cause a multitude of problems, so rent a space large enough for your items to be stored comfortably. Evaluate what you’ll be placing in your unit to see if paying for a climate controlled unit is something that you need. Putting in the money to safeguard your items in a unit that isn’t suitable for them is a waste of resources. Research the various amenities that your top options for mini storage facilities feature. You might be surprised at what features are available and which ones might work best for your situation. Lastly, think outside of the box—pun intended—when researching what to keep at your storage facility. A car, a watercraft, and even a collection of vintage wines can all be kept nicely in a self storage unit. Planning ahead and evaluating your wants and needs can save a lot of time, money, and hassle. Before you put your muscles to work, put on your thinking cap and rent a storage unit that is the best for your individual situation.