Security Camera

The November issue of SSA’s magazine dedicates a substantial amount of space to an article titled “Self Storage Is Part of Today’s Security-Threat Landscape”.  We have talked about self storage and how some facilities are installing high-tech devices to help them monitor their facilities.  Here we will discuss simple low tech ways to help insure your facility is not a security risk. We will list some of the indicators of suspicious behavior .

1. Insistance on paying in cash often months or weeks in advance

2. Attempts to store blasting caps, explosives, or fuses

3. Attempts to store chemicals or fuels

4. Smell chemical fumes or odor

5. Exhibits nervousness or anxiousness

6. Extreemly concerned with the privacy storage

These are only some of the indicators that security treats may exhibit. To read more on this subject follow the link below to the Self Storage Association’s November issue Pg 12. There is some great content in there on this subject. It really is a great read. Please let us know what you think about the article!