The buzz around our office over the past few weeks has been about the new Auction Hunters and (coming soon) Storage Wars television shows, that follow a group of people looking to make a profit by buying and selling items they find at storage unit auctions around the country.

Being in the online marketing business and not the management business we’ve really found it fascinating that auctions can be this exciting and prosperous for some. It also amazes us that someone would make a TV show with a focus on the self storage business!

Saying that we were wondering if there were any “treasures” or good stories from auctions you’ve all participated in? As much as we’ve talked about it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of our team members making a “field trip” to see one of these auctions in progress!


  1. I have bought a few storage units and seen some people go to AMAZING lengths to try and recover their property….one included sending family members into bid or lying about the contents, even swearing there were cremated human remains inside valuable vases or other grisly items in an effort to retrieve valuable belongings….even offering tobuy their items back at double (with usually a payment plan involved) purchase price (when they couldn’t pay a simple storage bill) truth be told, I have heard stories of people actually DOING it. OR, a buyer finding drugs in a unit, reporting it, and losing all the items with NO refund of money…..
    it is a WILD business occasionally, but WAAAY less incredible than the shows make it out to be…..