Self Storage Internet Marketing Possible Part of Success

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Here in America, anybody with access to a computer or smart phone has the whole internet at their fingertips. Best of all, if you have access to the internet, you can have an impact on the internet. Anybody who can get online can cause changes–even subtle ones. Something as simple as an email or something as complicated as a newly functioning, fully transactional website can potentially be made by anybody with a strong enough skill set. Self storage internet marketing is something that, again, anybody with access to the internet can begin to try.

Self storage internet marketing is something that more and more people in the industry are starting to take notice of. (Brian A Jackson/

As posted in a press release, in recent poll conducted at the 2013 Self Storage Association Ski Retreat, 33% of anonymous respondents said that market share gains by larger self storage operators was due to their expertise with Internet marketing. Chris Marr, CIO of CubeSmart pointed out during his presentation (as reported in the previously mentioned press release) the top 10 largest self storage companies only make up 11% of the overall self storage industry. Since the top 10 self storage companies only make up 11% of the industry, the previous sentence shows that some of the smaller businesses are starting to take notice of the power of internet marketing.

Just through my experiences with social media online in the storage industry I’ve seen a growth in social media connections with those outside of the biggest companies. More and more are starting to see that if they can maintain a personal Facebook account, they can do something similar for their storage business. People are also dipping their toes into the world of online marketing through other forms of social media like Twitter and even Google+.

However, social media is only one of many, many steps that can, and potentially should, be taken to have a full self storage internet marketing campaign. There is content marketing, search engine marketing, paid search engine marketing…the list goes on. At least more people within the industry are starting to take notice of the importance of online marketing in order to boost their business. Clearly, here at, we have a couple of suggestions on how to boost your storage facility’s online presence. It will be interesting to see how people start to utilize the power of the internet and see what steps people begin to take in the coming months.

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