Self Storage for Small Business
Self Storage for Small Business

Use self storage to expand your small business


The National Federation of Independent Business recently released its Small Business Optimism Index with a jump 106.9, the highest its been in decades. And while we’ll leave it to the economic experts to weigh out the finer details of the report, it does make one thing clear: a record number of small business owners say now is a good time to expand.


And while now may be the best time to expand your business, is here to help you expand while keeping your overhead down. How? With self storage for your small business.


Contractors, electricians, plumbers, Etsy shop owners, and many more small business operate outside of homes or small offices, and a storage unit at a nearby facility can be the best way to expand your space and inventory without the costly expense of expanding or relocating your current property.


What to consider when renting a storage unit for your business


The first thing you’ll need to consider when renting self storage for your small business is proximity and access. Storage facilities located near the center of towns and cities may charge a slightly higher price due to demand—but a higher price shouldn’t be written off immediately.


If you’re a contractor needing to store equipment and supplies somewhere nearby that offers easy, frequent access, the storage facility located near your downtown office may be the best way to go. On the other hand, if you’re an artisan selling your products online, you may not need that expensive storage facility immediately down the street. Instead, you can search for a facility a bit further out and save some money.


Here are some other important considerations when using self storage for your small business expansion:


  • Security features: This is more than your business, your supplies, and your equipment. It’s your income and your family’s financial security. That being said, you’ll want to find a self storage facility that offers strong security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsite management to ensure your business remains safe.
  • Drive up & 24-hour access: In many businesses, time is money, so you find any way to save both. A storage facility with 24-hour access allows you to get to your unit whenever you need, and a storage unit with drive up access allows further convenience as you can pull your car, truck, or trailer directly to your unit for easy drop off and pick up of equipment or goods.
  • Storage unit size: Are you a electrician needing to store spare electrical supplies or a painter needing to store massive scaffolding? To determine the right sized storage unit, take account of what you need to store. Units come in all sizes, from 5×5 perfect for clothes and fabric to 10×30, which offers enough space for construction equipment and more.
  • Climate control: Some businesses such as boutique clothing store owners or artists will have sensitive items to store. If this is the case, find a climate controlled storage unit, which maintains a constant temperature and humidity level to preserve your valuable items.


Expand your business today with self storage


If you feel like now is a good time to expand your small business, self storage may be the best way to get started. Once you’ve narrowed down your needs for your small business storage, you can use our online directories to filter through and get the perfect storage facility for you and your growing business.


Thanks for using for your small business storage needs!