By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Let us be a resource for you to share information about your business via submitted press releases and/or guest blogging. This site should be a place where anybody can receive and share information on an even playing field. We want to share your news on our blog site–for free. Information sharing is a big way all of us grow and we want to help facilitate that by sharing your submitted press releases and guest blogging stories right here on Everything Storage.

When we launched the press release submission feature back in October, this is what Mike Jones had to say about the program:

“The goal for the news section is for readers to have an easy place to find and read the most important storage industry news.  Most press releases will be published within 24 hours of submission.  We also will not only publish news submitted by members, but will publish submissions without favoritism or selective publishing based on who we do business with.  If you have news related to the storage industry, we want to share it for you!”

All you have to do is submit a press release to use and we can share your news with our readers. There are no strings attached and no hidden agendas are lurking around the corner. The simple, honest desire to share information is the only goal. Granted, while they’re might not be strings, there are a few rules.

Our basic rules for submitting a press release story are simple: no blatantly promotional stories (we reserve the right to be the judge of this), the story needs to be related in some fashion to the storage industry, stories must be appropriately written meaning nothing offensive and proper grammar has been used, and lastly there is a 500 word cap. These rules are here to make sure that news stories that are coming in are of sound quality so readers can have positive experience.

Over the past few months, we’ve been able to grow several strong guest blogging relationships. Guest blogging is beneficial for all parties involved. Content and links are being shared, connections are being made, and readers are getting valuable knowledge. Like with the press release stories, there are guidelines for this as well. You can download our list of guidelines for this here: Guidelines for Guest Posting with USSS.

Feel free to submit your stories online at this link or email us at We want to share your stories and want to develop and grow relationships over blogging networks. If you have something you want to share, please don’t hesitate to submit a story or ask us questions about submitting it.