By Laura Gee, Internet Marketing Associate,

Shelves and coffee—those are the two solutions to any problem according to my husband. Eh, I might be exaggerating, but only a very, tiny bit.  Any body ache or pain can be cured by coffee. Any household issues can be fixed by putting up more shelves. As an avid coffee and built-in storage lover, I quite agree with these (his) philosophies. One recent example of him putting into action one of his two solutions was right after we got back from holiday vacation and we found ourselves with boxes upon boxes of decorations and presents and not having a good place to store any of it anywhere. I tried shoving stuff into closets or rearranging things in rooms, but he had a different solution in mind—shelves.

He began a quest to take his already well-organized garage and optimize our garage storage space. He took down all of the shelves he had previously put up, pulled everything out that was placed along the walls, removed all of his hanging yard tools, and patched the dry-wall so he could have a fresh start. With a blank canvas in his favorite room in the house, he got to work. He analyzed how much stuff we had compared to his available wall space. For an entire weekend, my husband and his father measured, nailed, painted, and made numerous trips to the home improvement store in an effort to create some serious storage options for me.

I was thrilled when I saw tons of shelves for our holiday stuff, his yard tools, extra clothes, and even a shelf for all of my small kitchen appliances. I no longer have to be ready to catch falling objects when I open the guest bedroom or office closets. I no longer have to teeter around on tippy toes to reach my blender and hope that the big old thing doesn’t fall on my head when I pull it down from the pantry. Yes, I am lucky and I’m excited that his affinity for home improvement is rather beneficial for me.

Of course, the shelves weren’t just for my benefit and happiness. He got to use all of his power tools and got to purchase a ton of stuff for himself for the sake of the good of the home. Also, he got show me how it is imperative for him to continue to buy new tools and things if I wanted to continue with all of my projects.

I love having a well-organized garage with more than enough car storage space left for both of our vehicles. His obsession over maximizing usable space is great. My closets that were once over flowing are now free to be used for more important things—like my shoes and coats. My pantry can now hold more food since the appliances have a new home in the garage—which he is incredibly happy about.

His garage looks awesome and I have tons of storage space. All in all, I’m happy he loves building and hanging shelves and he’s happy that he gets to tinker with his tools and do manly, woodworking type things. Right now I’m plotting my next project that I will need him to undertake. My closet in my bedroom is looking like it might need some more space since I’ve gotten so good at online shopping…of course I’ll have to buy him some more of his favorite donut shop coffee as an extra incentive to get started.