Shine Fresh Light on Self Storage

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

The connotation of a “self storage facility” isn’t usually completely positive. Most people picture a maze of cinder block walls with rusty, metal doors. Even if your facility isn’t the most modern one, you can still make it an inviting place that people will feel confident leaving their things at and it can be a place that they could see themselves going to to access their stored items. One great way to shine a fresh light on your facility and on self storage in general is to start hosting, or sponsoring, charity or community events.

Find ways to shine new light on your self storage facilities to draw in more customers. (Amy Johansson/

Find ways to shine new light on your self storage facilities to draw in more customers. (Amy Johansson/

There have been many great stories of facilities finding ways to give back to their local community. Facilities have let people host yard sales on their property. Some facilities have donation boxes or units set up to collect items for charity. After the severe weather that was seen last year, several facilities became drop off points for people to donate items.

Hosting an event is a good way to let customers see all of the great features your facility offers first hand.


Think about ways in which you can help people have a positive image of self storage and remember the good things that your company has done. Reach out to friends and family members to see if they have any connections with area activities so you can find ways to become involved.

You can do as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Perhaps having strangers roam your property for a yard sale isn’t your thing. That’s fine! You can set up donation bins, donate packing supplies to local charities, or one of many other things.

Drawing customers to your business for something positive is not only good for you, but it is good for your community as well. Having positive word-of-mouth advertising can help you more than you might think.

See what you can, and are willing to do, to help make a positive impact on your community as well as your business.

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