Storage Units Bigger Than You Need

Storage Units Bigger Than You Need

By Weston Cooper,

As with most purchases, when you rent a storage unit, you’re going to get what fits your current needs. You’re not going to go out and get a 5×5 unit to park your car in, and you’re probably not going to get a 10×30 to throw a couple of boxes into. But maybe you should consider getting a storage unit that’s slightly bigger than what you think you need at the moment in order to plan ahead for future additions.

Sure, you probably have some things ready to go straight into your storage unit the moment you sign the lease, but for most renters, it won’t necessarily stop there. Many people who have storage units continually add more belongings to their unit as time goes on. They buy more stuff, they clean out a section of their garage, or they welcome a college student who’s back for the summer. Whatever the reasons, the fact is that you’ll marginally add a few items to your storage unit over time.

If you didn’t get a large enough unit from the get-go, you may end up having to rent a larger unit to accommodate the added belongings. That means you’ll have to go through the hassle of transferring your valuables from your old unit to your new one. But if you plan ahead and buy a slightly larger storage unit than you need at the beginning, you can avoid the hassle of having to upgrade to a bigger unit later on. Having a larger unit will also help you avoid over-packing your unit, which could damage your valuables or cause injuries.

It might not be right for everyone’s budget or needs, but if you have the ability, you might want to look into getting a larger storage unit than you originally planned for. That way, you can expand with ease without sacrificing organization in your storage unit.