moving truck with boxes
moving truck with boxes

Prepping for a move is awful; even if you’re excited about this upcoming change, the packing, organizing, cleaning, sorting, etc is stressful. Even organized people feel the need to scream from time to time during this trying endeavor. There are some things you can do to help make a move easier. Try some of these basics to help move you in the right direction (pun intended) while you gear up for relocation:

Plan Your Must-Have Items

Must-have items are the ones you need to regularly function and don’t want to sort through a sea of boxes to find when you finally reach your destination. Here’s a list of items to consider keeping in a suitcase and/or specifically marked boxes for easy access:


-Bed sheets


-3 to 4 changes of clothing

-Coffee maker (with coffee, filters & cups)

-Chargers for all electronics

-Important documents

-Toilet paper

-Paper towels

-Selection of everyday dishes

-Books/iPad/entertainment devices

Rent a Portable Storage Unit

Having a portable storage unit will help you load and unload your household items at your own pace. Movers can be expensive and it’s hard to keep pestering your same friends with trucks and SUVs to help you move. Renting out a portable storage container will help you have the secure, durable space you need to move all of your stuff without a lot of extra expenses. Coordinating with storage companies is a simple process that doesn’t take a lot of effort to complete.

Purge Your Items

As hard as it may be, you’ll thank yourself later if you don’t bring a bunch of clutters with you. When you’re purging, don’t try to do your whole home at once or even too large of a room at one time. Your closet is a nice start instead of purging things from your whole bedroom for example. Simply start with your pantry, a bookshelf, or coat closet. Donate some books, bring clothes to a shelter, or offer your coworkers and friends that unopened almond flour, organic spices, or cookware that you know you’ll never use. Finding places for the things that you don’t really love when you are overwhelmed in your new home is exhausting. Rid yourself of those items and think about how you’re reducing your future stress and how much you are potentially helping others by giving.

Finding ways to make a move easier is different for everybody, so think about your stress triggers and start out with an easy first step. Evaluate your situation and see what works best for you. Some people like renting a storage unit while others prefer to just give away the lion’s share of their things and start fresh at a new home. See what you can do to stay calm and share your advice with others!

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