By: Laura Gee,

It is human nature to protect the things that you love the most. Even little kids tuck special toys in sofa cushions or shove them into car seats to protect them. This instinct definitely stays just as strong as we get older, but it also certainly evolves into more sophisticated practices. Whether you are keeping your things in a self storage unit or keeping in your home, you might want to take some extra precautions when storing some of your most treasured items. One of my favorite ways to hide things in a sneaky way is to purchase, or even make, my own hidden-in-plain-sight storage containers.

An example of a hidden-in-plain-sight storage container that we have is an emptied can of foot spray was turned into a clever storage container. From the outside, the can looks just like it did when it was originally placed on the store shelf, but on the inside it is clean and has a screw-on bottom. This way, small items can be stored in there and nobody is the wiser. Jewelry, cash, anything small and precious can be stored in there and no thief would ever suspect it. All over the Internet there are sites to purchase a variety of different hidden-in-plain-sight storage containers. Soda cans, batteries, and even wall outlets have been adapted to be little hidden safes. DO NOT try to make one of these on your own please because there are chemicals in most of these things and they should not be handled by people who don’t know what they’re doing. These storage containers can be purchased, on average, for less than $20. Also, don’t forget which of these everyday items are actually little safes! You don’t want to throw away a “can of air freshener” that is actually stuff with cash because it feels empty!

Another example of hidden storage that I love can be discretely found on any bookshelf. Take any small box, like a shoe box, and cover one end of it with the spines of old books. This way, when placed on a higher shelf on a packed book shelf, nobody would think that those book spines were actually connected to a box. Be sure that the book spines that you choose blend in nicely with the rest of the books on the shelf. You can secretly hide lots of different things on your bookshelf and nobody will be the wiser.

My last secret storage tip I picked up from watching years of soap operas on television. Putting jewelry, documents, money, or other flat items into an envelope and them taping the envelopes on furniture in discrete places is a great way to keep things hidden. On television, people were forever taping important super secret things to the bottom of desk drawers on the backs of mirrors. I used the envelope trick in college whenever I had some cash I wanted to hide. Everybody knows to look under the mattress, but nobody thinks to look carefully under the bed frame. Under dresser drawers, on the back of wall art, and even on the bottoms of sofas can all be great places to hide little envelopes of valuables.

All of these sneaky little tricks are great for wherever you want to keep your valuable hidden and safe. When you use your storage unit, it should always be locked, but having your things hidden when you are accessing your unit might make you feel a little better. In your home, you might be able to rest a little easier knowing that you have your valuables somewhere safe that only you know about. Just don’t forget where you’ve put all of these special items!