Storing Sporting Gear

By Colette Rector,

Trying to clear all of your sporting equipment out of your garage? A storage unit can definitely help you get back some space for your cars, toolboxes, and other items you need to keep on-hand at home.

What Sporting Equipment Can I Put in Storage?

You can store just about any type of sporting equipment in a self storage unit. Here are some popular items:

  • golf clubs and carts
  • surfboards
  • snorkeling and scuba gear
  • hiking and climbing equipment
  • snowboards and skis
  • tennis rackets
  • baseball bats
  • soccer nets
  • bikes
  • rafts or canoes

What Storage Unit Size Will I Need?

Standards sizes for units range from 5×5 to 10×30, but the size of your unit depends on how much equipment you want to store, as well as what type of equipment you’re storing.

Need some examples? Most surfboards are 6-8 feet in length, so a 5×10 or 5×15 should work. Snowboards and skis, however, are 4-6 feet in length, so a 5×5 will be fine. (If your snowboards or skis are too long, you can always stand them up against the wall. Most units have 8 feet of vertical space.) If you plan to store something like a golf cart or canoe, though, a 10×10 or 10×20 is a better fit.

Does Location Matter When Storing Sporting Equipment?

Choosing the right location for your equipment can save you time and money. If you want to keep your gear close to your home for easy accessibility, search for a facility that’s close by. It might be more expensive to rent a unit there, depending on what area of town you live in, but the convenience is often worth the extra cost.

Now, if you frequent the same golf course or scale the same mountain range several times a year, consider renting from a facility close to these areas. Even if you live a couple states away and simply visit these areas when you’re on vacation, you’ll save yourself from dragging your gear back and forth.