Sports Storage: Use Storage Units During Any Season

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

If you or somebody in your family plays sports, you know how quickly your garage or closets at home can start to look like a sporting goods store. Baseball, hockey, and football all have tons of equipment that you need in order to play, but other sports still have a lot of stuff as well. Clothing, training items, game day gear, and so much more goes into playing just one season. If you’re a coach, then the amount of equipment you have to keep skyrockets. Renting out a cheap, local storage unit can be your sports storage solution.

Renting a small unit from can help give you just the right amount of sports storage space that you need. (Katie Smith Photography/

Renting a small unit from can help give you just the right amount of sports storage space that you need. (Katie Smith Photography/

For good sports storage, find a unit that is either close to your home or close to your home playing field. Finding a place that is convenient for sports storage is key. Having to drive across town to save a few bucks a month might sound like a good idea upfront, but you really might regret it later. Location, in my opinion, is key on this one. Schedules are crazy enough as it is and  you don’t want to have to drive a great distance to get your stuff for each game or practice.

Next, when using your sports storage unit, be sure to keep everything organized. After a long tournament or grueling game, it can be tempting to just chuck all of your stuff in the unit. You’ll be really mad at yourself the next time you go if you do this. Be sure to have a little bit of an organizational system in place. Never underestimate the satisfaction of not having to dig through piles of stuff in order to find that one item you’re looking for.

Aside from organization, keeping it clean is important as well. Sports stuff can stink after just one practice. To keep your sports storage unit fresh, be sure to take dirty clothes home, hang sweaty items, and never leave food in your bags. If your items get muddy, clean them off before putting them into your sports storage unit. The less dirt you can put into your space the better.

Lastly, rent from a facility with access hours that meet your needs. If you’re the coach and you have to be at the field at 6am with the gear on some Saturday mornings for tournaments, don’t rent from a facility that doesn’t open until 6 or 7 in the morning. Sports storage is supposed to make your life better. Being late most definitely will not help your cause.

Offsite sports storage is a great idea. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice garage and closet space in order to be an athlete. Playing sports is fun, but you don’t need to be reminded of it everyday when you trip over your hockey bag getting to car. Renting a small locker nearby can give you just enough sports storage to make everything a little more organized and livable.

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