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Guest Blog: Benefits of Self-Storage Units for Businesses & Individuals

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger There are many reasons why many people would benefit from short or long-term self-storage unit rentals. First of all you can use store personal possessions, unneeded furniture, office equipment and even products and stock. One thing we simply cannot ignore is that nearly all businesses and individuals want additional space...
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Guest Blog: Four Foolproof Steps for Moving and Storing Electronics

Guest Blogger, By Susan M. Howard, Digital Marketing Manager, Lightspan Digital Do you need to move and store your electronics but have no idea how to do it safely? Follow these four steps and you’ll continue enjoying your electronics for years to come. Step 1: Preparing Your Electronics for Moving and Storage [caption id="attachment_3297" align="alignright" width="199"] Read more

Guest Blog: Beneficial Budget Moving Tips

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger Moving takes physical and mental strain, great organizational skills and prioritizing. The sooner you face the real scale of a move, the earlier you start with your adequate approach towards the situation. The first step ahead is a strict plan to guide you through this time-consuming process, reminding you what's...
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Guest Blog: A Look at 5 Storage Options from Across the Pond

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger Some of us will find that our home is filled to the brim when it comes to domestic storage options. The attic, garage, every cabinet and corner is in use as a place to store your possessions. If this is the case for you, here are a few domestic and...
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Guest blog- An Oasis Space in (Virtually) Any Room: Creating Home Hideaways

By Jennifer Lutz, Guest Blogger Finding it difficult to relax at home because of all the clutter that greets you at the threshold? Do you need efficient storage for the things you can't do without? You don't need a drastic, expensive remodel or a change of address just because your home is packed with...
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Guest Blog: What are the true costs for using a storage facility?

By Darren Peterson, Guest Blogger People seldom know the exact amount of money they will end up spending when they plan to rent a storage unit. Most people automatically think about the storage unit price and stop there. There are a number of other aspects they forget, don’t know about, or don’t consider. [caption id="attachment_3192"...
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Guest Blog: An Insight into the Self Storage Industry in the UK

By M. Heighway, Guest Blogger The UK self storage industry is relatively new compared to the United States.  Self storage facilities started appearing stateside in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until the early 1990s that they became popular in England and the United Kingdom.  A recent annual survey conducted by the UK Self Storage...
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Guest Blog: Making Your Small Living Space Work for You

By Jessica Johnson, Guest Blogger Most of us have lots of things. Unfortunately, those things have to go somewhere, and not all of us have big houses with spare rooms and garages in which to spread out, so what do you do when you live in a small living space and you have a bunch of...
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Guest Blog: Moving Guide- How to Move in Four Steps

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger Removal can turn your life upside down, especially if it is not a personal decision but a conjunction of circumstances- for instance if your landlord asks you to vacate the lodgings within a short period, aiming to sell it . If you have to move, take the necessary measures immediately,...
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Guest Blog: Custom Shipping Container Ideas

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger Moving requires a lot of choices and preparation to complete, depending on the nature and magnitude of what's involved. There are many situations in which regular shipping containers work wonders, however in other cases you may need something a little bit extra to get things done. This is where custom...
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