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Color Coding for Organization

By Laura Gee, USstoragesearch.com When you see the color red, certain connotations pop up in certain situations. When driving, red means stop. When clothes shopping, red sweaters...

Guest Blog: Home Storage Tips

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger In time homes become more and more like battlefields of clutter than the orderly and lovely looking photos we have seen...

Storage vs Display: One spouse’s treasure is another spouse’s trash

The “trash vs. treasure” argument seems to filter through people’s lives quite often. What to do? Clearly compromise is in order and I’m here to help you. I’ll share some of the solutions I’ve used and heard from friends when it comes to displaying or storing the stuff that your other half brings into a house.

Where did my table go? Fighting the build-up battle

Finding the perfect coffee table led to it vanishing under a pile of mail, magazines and everything else that gets piled up on a daily basis. Today's mission - find my coffee table and stay organized so it doesn't get lost again.

What to keep, store, pitch, or donate?

If you are anything like me, parting with your things is difficult—especially clothes. I want to keep everything even if I haven’t worn it...