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Safe Storage Experiences Begin at the Packing Stage

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com "Be very careful with it. My grandmother's jewelry box is in it." I might've well have said, "just chuck it on the ground" because it inevitably got broken because my theory of "we'l just handle it carefully because it is marked 'fragile' will work." It...
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Guest Blog: Organization for Maximum Storage Space

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger Whether you have a small or a large home, it’s not easy to plan how to use the storage area to your best advantage. The best option is to have a basement or a storeroom, where you can keep all your belonging you don’t use on a daily basis,...
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Self Storage Engaging with Local Community Via Art

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com Local customers are important to market to. It isn't always easy reaching your local market--at least not in a way that is going to be effective or beneficial. One storage facility in North Bethesda, MD has found a way to do both. Storage Village is hosting...
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5 Questions to Ask a Moving Company

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com The thought of letting basically strangers load nearly all of your worldly possessions onto a truck and then drive away tends to be a little...scary. However, for many of us, that's completely necessary when moving and, even though in theory sounds scary, is actually a...
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Guest Blog: How to Start Your Own Storage Business

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger In an urban environment or anywhere around the world where there are homes, office as the like there will always be a need for moving services. This is where the moving and storage companies come in – taking care of what you can't deal with...
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Optimize Your Self Storage Business’ Web Presence for Local Customers

By Michael Smith, Guest Blogger

The web may be a global entity, but it is also a widely popular tool for consumers to seek out businesses in their local area. Self storage businesses operate locally by nature, so for you, the web can...
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USstoragesearch.com Launches Free Self-Storage Press Releases in News Section

By Bill Hipsher, Director of Business Development, USstoragesearch.com After careful planning, USstoragesearch.com is adding and launching today a new press release and news program into our already developed list of services. USstoragesearch.com has long been the leading website in the self-storage...
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Storage helping during–and in preparation of– times of need

[caption id="attachment_1002" align="alignright" width="243"] Throughout the storage industry, companies and facilities are giving back[/caption] By Mitch Laursen, USstoragesearch.com According to a press release, there is a new popular stackable storage system available for people across the United States to store food and water for emergency...
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Gates, Fences Provide Protection for Self Storage Facilities

[caption id="attachment_954" align="alignright" width="420"] A chain-link fence with a barbed wire top is a typical combination facilities use for protection.[/caption] By Mitch Laursen, USstoragesearch.com On the morning of September 17, a man wasRead more