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Prepare Your Storage Facility for the Busy Seasons

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, USstoragesearch.com A busy self storage season is on the horizon. Many life activities during the spring and summer lend themselves perfectly...

Spring Cleaning Tips

By Laura Gee, www.USstoragesearch.com Storage and Organization Contributor Ahh yes, spring has sprung. Birds are chirping, baseball is back, and barbeques are getting dusted off...

Times Are A Changin’. Time to Pack Up All Your Winter...

Well, if it isn’t summer before we know it? Although this weather is perfect for throwing on a pair of shorts on and enjoying leisure time outside, it puts a damper on winter sports! If you haven’t thought about throwing your snowboard and snowmobile into storage, it might be time to start considering it!

Shelves and Coffee – My Newly Organized Garage’s Facelift

By Laura Gee, Internet Marketing Associate, www.USstoragesearch.com Shelves and coffee—those are the two solutions to any problem according to my husband. Eh, I might be...