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Jewelry Storage Gets Crafty

By Laura GeeUSstoragesearch.com My mom has a giant jewelry collection. Having been a teacher in an elementary school, she has accumulated an intense and wide variety of pieces. She has everything from diamond rings to troll doll pins to bright red Mickey watches. This past weekend, she set out to generate a better...
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Guy Tip: Stay Organized!

By USStoragesearch.com Some guys like mess or don’t care about the building, unorganized pile of belongings in parts of their home. I am not one of those kinds of guys. I wouldn’t say that I have obsessive-compulsive disorder with cleaning or organizing (I don’t have labels all over my belongings or...
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Clever Shoe Storage Ideas

Guest post by Sally S. Sally's resourcefulness comes from a demand to find space for her own expanding collection of  shoes which she shops for at her favourite website Peppermint. [caption id="attachment_2084" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Since not all of us can have closets like this one, we have to be creative with our storage solutions."]Read more

Seasonal Storage Tips

By: , USstoragesearch.com [caption id="attachment_1922" align="alignright" width="491" caption="Platforms help prevent damage to your items while they're stored."][/caption] If you’re as much of a fan for spending time outdoors on your patio or backyard as I am, then you can...
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Office Organization: Part 2

By Laura Gee, www.USstoragesearch.com Storage and Organization Contributor "Oh, that? That was easy. I do that all the time," was Katie's response to my complete [caption id="attachment_545" align="alignright" width="225" caption="In the closet, everything must be in a bin or else it cannot stay. This drastically reduces clutter build up."] Read more

Office Organization: Part 1

By Laura Gee, www.USstoragesearch.com Storage and Organization Contributor Storage and organization clearly runs in the family. Well, sort of. My beautiful sister-in-law, Katie, is helping out her mom by completely giving my mother-in-law's office an organizational makeover. Katie is hands down the most organized person I know and I will have...
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