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Boat Storage: Indoor, Outdoor, and Covered

Storing a Boat at a Storage Facility By Nick Bilava, USstoragesearch.com For boat enthusiasts, nothing beats getting out on the open water. Having your own boat can give you the freedom to enjoy rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans on your own schedule. But one of the few headaches that...
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Guest Blog: Storage Business Startup Tips

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger There is a growing, ever-present need for storage around the world today. Companies expand, people buy more personal belongings, they move and they need to store some of them somewhere safe. However you look at it, there will always be a need for storage. Starting a storage business in this...
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Boosting Digital & Physical Curb Appeal

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, USstoragesearch.com In real estate, people mention curb appeal all of the time. Basically, curb appeal is how attractive a property looks from the outside. In today's modern and digital society, your storage facility needs to have good curb appeal on two fronts: the physical one...
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The Future of Moving & Portable Self-Storage

By: Mitch Laursen, USstoragesearch.com   In the past week, the eastern coast of the United States has been a target for one of the most intense natural disasters delivered to the nation. As the monstrous Hurricane Sandy moved in on New York City, New Jersey, and...
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Gates, Fences Provide Protection for Self Storage Facilities

[caption id="attachment_954" align="alignright" width="420"] A chain-link fence with a barbed wire top is a typical combination facilities use for protection.[/caption] By Mitch Laursen, USstoragesearch.com On the morning of September 17, a man wasRead more