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Shine Fresh Light on Self Storage

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, USstoragesearch.com The connotation of a "self storage facility" isn't usually completely positive. Most people picture a maze of cinder block walls with rusty, metal doors. Even if your facility isn't the most modern one, you can still make it an inviting place that people will feel confident leaving...
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Storage Tip: Keep an Accurate Storage Inventory

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com This past weekend I listened to the tales of a friend's struggles with their most recent move. Over the past several months they've had to have their stuff in several different locations due to housing issues. Half of their stuff was in a Read more

Storage helping during–and in preparation of– times of need

[caption id="attachment_1002" align="alignright" width="243"] Throughout the storage industry, companies and facilities are giving back[/caption] By Mitch Laursen, USstoragesearch.com According to a press release, there is a new popular stackable storage system available for people across the United States to store food and water for emergency...
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