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Storing Classroom Supplies in Self Storage

Storing Classroom Supplies

By Mike Jones, USstoragesearch.com As a teacher, it seems like summer isn't nearly as exciting for you as it is for students. While your former students are off swimming, taking vacations with their families, or sitting on the couch all summer, you're busy creating lesson...
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Using Your Storage Unit as a Darkroom

Darkroom Storage

By Molly Hammond, USstoragesearch.com Plenty of people are content to use digital cameras and drugstore photo services to preserve their memories. But lately, there's been a return to the art of photography, specifically developing and printing. Sure, iPhones and Instagram are as popular as ever, but there...
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Best Storage Unit Sizes for College Students

Using Storage in College By Weston Cooper, USstoragesearch.com Dorm living means you learn how to cram a ton of stuff into small spaces. From the stacks of books and endless school supplies to bed sheets, desk organizers, hanging closet shelves, and the 80+ other things on Bed...
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Doomsday Prepper Series: Long-Term Food Storage

Long-Term Food Storage for Doomsday

By Emily Butz, USstoragesearch.com The proverbial “doomsday” could arrive in any number of ways, whether it’s via the fan-favorite zombie apocalypse or a more realistic natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy or the 2011 Joplin, Missouri tornado. While the idea of being...
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