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Shelves and Coffee – My Newly Organized Garage’s Facelift

By Laura Gee, Internet Marketing Associate, www.USstoragesearch.com Shelves and coffee—those are the two solutions to any problem according to my husband. Eh, I might be...

Cheap and Easy DIY Jewelry Storage Project

My latest, and somewhat greatest, project has been completed. I have finally created a jewelry storage option that is both cute and functional. Best...

Kitchen Storage Tips for Beginners

Yesterday, one (of my two) kitchen drawers refused to open. It was jam full of cooking utensils, giant meat knives, soy sauce packets, dog...

Sneaky, Secure Self Storage Ideas

By: Laura Gee, USstoragesearch.com It is human nature to protect the things that you love the most. Even little kids tuck special toys in sofa...

Martketing Self Storage Units?

Artketing? Maybe it'll make more sense if you see it as (m)artketing? Basically, artketing is an idea of transforming everyday marketing into art or...

Adding Depth to Your Self Storage Facility

Your self storage facility is more than just a location full of storage units and an office; at least it can be more. In...