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Andover Properties closes on land deal in Homestead, Florida

Mike Jones | November 10, 2017 | Storage Industry News

Andover Properties, LLC (dba Storage King USA) has recently closed on a 3-acre parcel in Homestead, FL on which it intends to build a 110,000 square foot self storage facility.


According to Brian Cohen, President at the company, “the site is in a great location. It is right next to a Walmart on the busy intersection of 3 streets, including Rt 1/Dixie Highway, and will be visible from and have signage on that road, which gets 30,000 vehicles per day driving past the site.” He further explains that Andover plans on constructing a class-A, multi-level climate controlled facility as well as several smaller, single story structures that will also house some drive-up units. The site should be completed towards the end of 2018. The company has plans to develop other facilities in the state of Florida to add to its 10 other facilities in the state.


The site will be integrated into the Storage King USA portfolio. New York City-based Andover Properties owns and operates a total of 28 self-storage facilities in Florida, Maryland, North and South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia under its trade name Storage King USA (


About Andover Properties, LLC

Andover Properties, LLC, is an investor, owner, operator and developer of real estate throughout the United States, based in Manhattan, New York. The firm focuses on the acquisition, development and management of industrial, retail and self-storage facilities primarily in the North and South East. Andover is a leading sponsor in this area with expertise in all aspects related to these product types including acquisitions, asset management, leasing, property management, conversion, development and dispositions. Its investors and partners include global institutional real estate private equity funds and high net worth individuals.


Since inception in 2003, Andover Properties, LLC has owned self-storage assets totaling nearly 2.9 million rentable square feet across 24,200 units.  Currently the firm owns and manages 28 self-storage facilities in 9 states totaling over 1.8 million rentable square feet and 15,000 units. Andover Properties, LLC manages and operates its facilities under the brand Storage King USA Self-Storage (

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Guest Blog: An Insight into the Self Storage Industry in the UK

M Heighway | October 30, 2013 | Storage Industry News

By M. Heighway, Guest Blogger

The UK self storage industry is relatively new compared to the United States.  Self storage facilities started appearing stateside in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until the early 1990s that they became popular in England and the United Kingdom.  A recent annual survey conducted by the UK Self Storage Association offers some valuable insight into how self storage works across the pond, especially when compared to the sheer size of the US industry – for example there are only 830 storage centers in the UK compared to over 50,000 in the United States.

After renting a self storage unit from, make your storage unit functional. (andrea crisante/

The self storage industry is set to expand in the coming year. (andrea crisante/

Socially, the emergence of self storage as an industry in the UK can be attributed to the increase in house moves that occurred in the 1990s.  Before that decade, house moves were not as common ast they are today.  The recent recession also led to many home-owners looking to down-size their property due to escalating mortgage costs.  This created the necessity for more storage operators as people down-sizing needed a place to cheaply and safely store their belongings.  There were also other influencing factors such as increased divorce rates and people living for longer (and therefore moving to smaller houses) that also added to the need for storage.

The UK Storage Industry is the Largest in Europe

Despite the relatively low number of storage facilities in the UK, it still dwarves the penetration seen in other European countries.  Below is a list of European countries with the UK included, with estimates from the UK Self Storage Association on how many facilities each region has.

  • Austria – 20
  • Belgium – 29
  • Denmark – 45
  • Finland – 38
  • France – 245
  • Germany – 86
  • Ireland – 25
  • Italy – 30
  • Netherlands – 140
  • Norway – 33
  • Spain – 93
  • Sweden – 90
  • Switzerland – 15
  • United Kingdom – 830

Storage Facilities Set to Expand in 2014

Despite the low numbers of self storage operations in the UK when compared to the United States, they are on the increase.  Currently there are 400 operators working in the sector, and 81% of those are expected to open new facilities in 2014 whilst 11% of correspondents to the survey are planning on expansion over the next twelve months.  Much of this optimism comes as a result of the UK economy showing signs of improvement for the first time since the global recession.

This improvement is based upon positive signs in the housing market that house prices and sales are going to rise, with the knock-on effect being more people around the UK will be needing storage facilities on temporary to long-term leases.

The Future of the UK Self Storage Industry

It looks like the storage industry is set to continue to grow in the United Kingdom with yet another year showing year on year upward trends.  Reasons for the continual growth can be attributed to the fact that there are multi-site operators, as well as a recent increase in new entry companies who tend to operate from one location with one set of premises.

Conclusion: It’s an exciting time to work in the industry here in the UK, and one hopes over time the UK can start to challenge this rather interesting statistic:

  • Self storage square foot per person in the United Kingdom: 0.5
  • Self storage square foot per person in the United States: 7.4

That stat alone put the two countries industries into a very clear perspective.

Author Bio: Compiled and written by the online team for the Self Storage Southampton website.  Based in the UK, the company offers storage in Southampton to individual and business customers with premises based in the Docklands part of the city. The website frequently has UK storage related articles added to their blog.

This article is a guest post. The thoughts and ideas in this post do not necessarily reflect those of

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Guest Blog: Storage Business Startup Tips

Kristin Jones | October 11, 2013 | Storage Industry News

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

There is a growing, ever-present need for storage around the world today. Companies expand, people buy more personal belongings, they move and they need to store some of them somewhere safe. However you look at it, there will always be a need for storage. Starting a storage business in this field has its challenges, but there is great opportunity in it as well. You will need to do some preparations before you can provide a service and make profits. This article will provide you with some basic tips you’ll need to follow:

Starting your own storage business takes a lot of work, but can yield a great reward. (andrea crisante/

Starting your own storage business takes a lot of work, but can yield a great reward. (andrea crisante/

Initial Investment
The first step toward your goal is deciding on the exact amount of resources you want to put into your future storage business. You will need to keep in mind that the initial costs will be significant enough to warrant great care. You will also need to invest a good deal of resources into the storage unit, so this will take time to create. You will need a solid business plan prepared well ahead of time if you want to succeed.

Without proper security your place will not inspire much confidence, so one of the first tasks you have to work on is giving it just that. You will need at least a basic CCTV camera system so you’ll be able to keep track of everything that happens around the storage facility. You will also need strong locks or a keycard security system. Security guards may also be a good idea, depending on the location and the kinds of possessions being stored.

Insurance Policies
This is a service provided by storage facilities in one form or another and it is expected due to the nature of storage itself. The laws of your country or area will more or less dictate the type and amount of insurance provided, so your clients will be given a choice between your insurance and extra coverage.

You should make sure you choose the right location for your storage facility, as locating it in an area dominated by other storage facilities can be a mistake, unless you can offer competitive prices and a good service. This means you will have to decide on the location after checking out what possible competition you’re up against in your city or town.

Many companies nowadays may also use storage facilities for products, archives and more if their original buildings won’t allow it. You should keep that in mind, so contact such companies and see whether you can have them as steady clients. Create a marketing campaign targeted at these possible and stable clients as one of your first stepping stones toward success.

Find more tips at by visiting our Ealing furniture removals website.

This article is a guest post. The thoughts and ideas in this post do not necessarily reflect those of

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New Self Storage Industry Blog Launches Covering Round Table Topics

Laura Jones | June 7, 2013 | Storage Industry News

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Self Storage Magnet is a “One-Stop Shop” for owners, operators, and vendors in the industry searching to learn more about self storage. As tradeshow veterans, The Storage Group recognized that the majority of educational hot topics are recycled yearly in trade publications, and some information is even repeated verbatim from tradeshow to tradeshow. Self Storage Magnet provides a platform for sharing critical information to help those in the self storage industry year round.

Self Storage Magnet has been designed to be a one-stop shop for those in the storage industry. (Mario7/

Self Storage Magnet has been designed to be a one-stop shop for those in the storage industry. (Mario7/

From the Self Storage Magnet site, you can find a many different resources. A calendar of events helps keep you up to do date on various industry events that might pertain to you. Currently, the site shows visitors information about events all the way through November. There is also a place where site visitors can download PDFs with information.

One of the bigger sections of the site thus far is the blog section. Users will be able to find articles about the common topics that are being brought up in the storage industry today when accessing this new storage industry blog site.


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Secure Self Storage Announces Summer Specials for New Customers

Laura Jones | June 5, 2013 | Storage Industry News

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Secure Self Storage, a storage operator in North East USA with 12 locations, announces their internet specials for new customers. With the busy summer months coming up that are popular for moving and storage, this company has released discounts to help out the customers of this busy season. Secure Self Storage facilities will offer free, 1-month rental and use of a truck for moving in.

Secure Self Storage is offering a new free month internet special that includes use of a rental truck for move-in day. (Andrea Crisante/

This special deal comes with a chain of facilities that offer great standard features like:

  • 7 day access
  • 24hr video surveillance
  • climate controlled storage units

As quoted in a recent press release, Steve Schwartz, managing partner of Secure Self Storage said, “We think customers will be excited to take advantage of our Free Month Internet Special for short term and long term storage. Especially where our New York storage facilities are located in the areas like Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, space at home and in the office are always an issue. Storing with Secure Self Storage with no upfront payment, will be an added bonus. And since we stress on offering quality storage solutions at affordable prices, our customers get more out of their money by storing with us. At Secure Self Storage, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.”

Storage options come in a variety of sizes ranging from a 4×4 storage locker going all the way up to a 10×30 room. At some locations, customers can use boat or car storage. Having a variety of options helps to meet the needs of a diverse group of clients. Not only can individuals benefit from Secure Self Storage, but businesses can as well. This company offers options to help businesses stay organized and keep all of their important items and papers securely locked away.


 More information can be found by visiting on web at for USA and for CA.

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