By Laura

Losing weight/getting in shape is one New Year’s Resolution that I think most people have made at least once at some point in their lives. Judging by the way the gym is magically full for the months of January and February and then a ghost town come May, I’d say a LOT of people make those resolutions. This year, encourage customers to add “get more organized” and “live a clutter-free life” to their list of New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s one strategy for creating a simple marketing plan surrounding the concept of making “get more organized” a New Year’s Resolution (that is solved by renting storage):

Starting now, simply put the idea in their heads of living more organized and clutter free. Put out simple message across some of your social media platforms or in your emails that you send out to customers. Display that message on your board outside of your store. A one sentence declaration of, “Make ‘living clutter free & become more organized’ part of your New Years Resolution,” is all you need for now. The idea seed is planted and it needs to sit for a little bit. Just pepper in that sentence or similar ones a few times in various fashions for about week.

After New Year’s Day, that is when you can start telling people HOW to accomplish this step. Now is when you put out blogs about organizing your home office or garage. Now is when you put out special 2013 discounts for new customers and tell them all the different ways storage can help you out. Remind customers about the variety of sizes, amenities, and locations for storage that are available. This first month is when you replace the “idea” content across your social media platforms with tips to achieve the goals.  This second step in the marketing process allows people to take the concept they’ve already locked in on and find ways to bring it to fruition–with your guidance of course.

Lastly, heading in to February and March is when you’re going to want to come full circle and REMIND people about all of the resolutions that they’ve made and encourage them to either keep trying or start now if they haven’t already. Remind them of special promotions you have and bring back some of the more popular tips and tricks that you’ve shared. Towards the end of March is also a good time to start slipping in a little about spring cleaning. So something like, “make your New Year’s resolution of ‘get organized’ come true when you begin your spring cleaning.” Something along those lines helps to remind customers of their goals and remind them of the societal rituals surround certain times of the year.

However you decide to market your storage facility, don’t miss out on some great opportunities that are built into a calendar. New Year’s resolutions, spring cleaning, oh, even Groundhog’s Day can be a chance for you to market your storage facility. Personally, I think encouraging people to achieve their goals is a great opportunity that is mutually beneficial for them and for your company. If you have any interesting New Year’s campaigns, let us know about them.