Target your advertising efforts to market towards specific customers. (alexskopje/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

We’re quickly approaching the start of spring sports season, wedding season, spring cleaning, college students’ summer breaks, and moving season…and those are just the seasons off of the top of my head. You are approaching a golden opportunity to create little ads that target these specific groups. Your storage company should be trying to find ways to attract the attention of these situation-specific customers.

Target your advertising efforts to market towards specific customers. (alexskopje/

You should find ways to put out cheap ads that target these markets. Put an ad in a local college paper reminding students that packing up their junk and hauling it all the way home isn’t fun and is a waste of their free time. Advertise in a local bridal magazine and show how brides can keep all of their wedding stuff securely in a climate controlled storage unit. Place an ad in a little league directory showing coaches putting equipment in a storage unit instead of their personal garage in between games. These ads don’t need to be more than a picture with a little bit of body copy to them. They don’t need to be elaborate, works of art. Your name, your contact information, an image, and maybe a line of explanation and that’s all you need.

Don’t be afraid to get social with these people either. Post on social media sites little messages that attract the attention of some of these target markets. Even if that person moving this summer doesn’t follow you on Twitter, their co-worker might and that co-worker might say, “Hey, I saw this storage company is running a 3 month package special for people moving this summer.” The social aspect of these events is fantastic because people love to talk about them. So make sure your company gets into AT LEAST the digital conversation by sharing on social media sites.

Lastly, use your outdoor signage to grab the attention of customers. Even though it might be a hassle, change the words on your sign out front once or twice a week to something that will grab the attention of these seasonal and situation-specific customers.

Look around your community and look for opportunities to market to these customers. You never know, these situation-specific customers might turn into long-term customers. Find outlets to market to specific groups with targeted advertisements.