Make a storage organization plan before going to your unit. ( makeitdouble/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Keeping your storage unit organized should help you in the long run. Whether you plan to access your unit frequently or not, having a solid organization plan should help to give you a safer and easier storage experience. Tossing your items into your storage unit without putting much thought into how it should be organized or arranged can lead to major headaches. Here are some options for planning and organizing your unit:

Make a storage organization plan before going to your unit. ( makeitdouble/

Bigger Items in the Back

Unless you know you’ll need your sofa or entertainment center sooner than you’ll be needing your boxes of seasonal clothes, it’s a pretty good idea to put the biggest stuff in the back of your storage unit. One reason being that if you put it in first and get it situated, then you know you’ll have space for it. Think about it, if you save the sofa for last, you might’ve already over filled your unit and you will be putting your former Tetris skills to test if you wait to put in your bigger items until last.

Organize by Room/Item Genre

When thinking of a storage organization plan, many people opt to keep like items together. Why fight the old saying of “birds of a feather flock together” because it just makes sense for most situations. Yes, keeping all of the office items together makes sense. Keeping all of the toys from the toy room together makes sense. You could keep like items together in some cases, like putting all of the TVs together if you want to do that for something more generic and easily identifiable like a TV. Keeping like items together in your storage organization plan will help you if you need to access something and should help you keep track that all of your items are safely reaching another destination on their journey. One thing we don’t recommend is doing something like keeping all of the boxes of clothing together for the sake of it being clothing and in the same category like with the previously mentioned TV example. You don’t need all three of your kids’ clothes boxes mixed in with yours purposefully  Keeping the bulk of bedroom items separate is fine.

Items You’ll Need Up Front

Clearly, if you’re going to need something from your unit frequently or soon, you’ll want to put it in a place that you can access easily. That spot is usually right up front. If you’re unit is large enough that you can leave a path down the middle, then giving a front spot to a particular item isn’t as important.

Plan for Safety

Keep items in mind that might be fragile, topple over, or need special attention. When loading your unit, be sure to leave space to properly place all of your fragile items. Holding them until the end and then piling them all up front isn’t exactly a plan. Rent a unit keeping in mind that boxes will only be stacked as high as your natural reach and that fragile items require extra space. Keeping you safe as well as protecting your items are important things to think about.

However you decide to arrange your storage organization, make sure you DO have a plan and that the plan is set up for a reason. As previously mentioned, storage units can test your Tetris skills, but that’s okay. Having a good plan before loading your storage you is recommended to help you find items easily later, maintain the quality of your stored items, and make the experience safer and more efficient.