By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Electrical cords– our basic means of power for most of our appliances and devices. These wires seem to have minds of their own because before you know it, they are a tangled mess and a giant frustration. Have no fear. I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips for keeping wires organized into this handy list for you:

Keep your cords from becoming a tangled mess with a few organizational steps. (Image from

Zip ties are a great tools for keeping cords coiled. Tightening a zip tie around a neatly coiled cord is a great way to keep it from unraveling. Also, I will LOOSELY zip tie together the bunch of cords behind a television or computer to keep the cords from looking like a mess. Again, let me emphasize I keep them LOOSELY tied together–having things tightly bunched together and plugged is not recommended.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper rolls are fact of life for most of us (the vast majority of us) and it’s easy to put them to good use. There are two ways to use these empty rolls to your advantage: 1) slip a coiled wire inside of a roll to keep it from unraveling and 2) wrap the cord around the outside of the roll to keep it neat. For thicker or longer cords and wires, you can use a paper towel roll. This is my favorite trick for keeping holiday lights from becoming a mess.

Zip-Top Plastic Bags

Zip top bags are perfect for storing things like chargers. I love them because they’re so easy to label. Simply nicely coil up a cord with it’s device and slip it into the bag and LABEL the bag. Your cord will then stay together and you know what that charger goes to. Also, I’ll do this for bigger appliances to keep the cord protected and to keep them out of the way. I’ll coil up my television’s power cord, put it in a bag, and then tape that bag to the back of the television. This way, nobody is tripping over the cord or stepping on the little prongs that get plugged into the wall. I’ll do this for all of my TV and gaming devices and sometimes even for my lamps if I have time. It is much easier to transport items when you’re not tripping on cords.

There are my three basic ways to keep cords from becoming a tangled mess. As always, I’m a fan of labeling chargers and power cords that aren’t permanently attached to their devices, but that’s another set of tips for another day. For now, see what you can do to help keep all of the cords in your life from being a giant mess. Please, send in your tips and tricks so we can share them (and give you credit of course)!