The first thing I do when I look out and see that it is a beautiful day is turn off the air conditioning and open all of my windows. Having fresh air circulate through your house helps to make your home smell fresh and clean. The best is when you can have those wonderful cross breezes that help cool off your home on a warm day. Even if it is just psychological, you home or office always seems like a more inviting and better place when you have a nice breeze blowing. Well, the same principles of sorts can apply to keeping your storage unit fresh so you don’t have items that become weighed down with that heavy musty smell that can sometimes occur when things are stored for too long. You might not have windows in your storage unit to allow a nice breeze to roll through, but you can still do things to help ensure air circulation. Proper air circulation will help protect against having a musty smelling unit and help ward off the possibilities of mold.

There are a few simple steps to take to get have good air circulation. The first is to make sure you don’t push your items up directly against the walls of your storage unit. You want to leave about 6 inches of space between your items and the walls. In conjunction, you want to keep an aisle or two running through the middle of your storage unit. We recommend you have one aisle going vertically down your unit and one cutting horizontally. These aisles will work with the spaces you have left around the edge of your unit to give you good air circulation. When you have all of your things crammed into a unit, the air won’t flow and will become stagnant. We also encourage you to put your boxes and items on top of wooden pallets. These wooden pallets will help lift your items off of the floor to really increase air circulation. Also, use cloth sheets instead of plastic tarps to wrap your larger items like furniture in when trying to protect them. Plastic is not a breathable substance and will trap in air and moisture. This built up moisture can cause damage like warping. Using clothe sheets will also air to circulate in and out but still give a level of protection to your piece. Lastly, remove any extra moisture from everything in your unit. Removing moisture cannot be stressed enough. If you have moisture built up in something like a washing machine or fish tank and then store it in a unit with your other items and have improper air circulation, you are putting your things at serious risk for mold and mildew.

Take a few steps when loading your storage unit to ensure that your items will retain their great quality. It is a real pain to wash all fabric items that were put in a storage unit because they developed a musty smell over time. Avoid mold, mildew, and musty smells by keeping proper air circulation in your unit and removing all possible sources of moisture.

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