Many people across the country likely started their holiday shopping for friends and family over Thanksgiving weekend. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are incredible opportunities to snag some outstanding deals on TVs, computers, movies, and much more. There are not many feelings that beat buying something for those that mean so much in your life. For those with a spouse or children, it is also very disappointing if they snoop to find their gifts ahead of time or accidentally come across them. Fortunately, there is a great way to make sure this doesn’t happen so you get to enjoy the element of surprise when they open their gift—hide them outside of your home in a storage unit.

Hiding big ticket items at home can be tricky.

Many choose the closet but kids know to look there and your spouse could easily just stumble upon it by accident while looking for something else. So why not hide them outside of the house with a self storage unit? You may have seen storage lockers used for moving purposes or for storing larger things such as furniture, but there are so many more possibilities. Temporarily renting a storage locker to hide gifts will make sure no one ruins their surprise by snooping and is an affordable temporary solution.

Let’s look at some of the things a self storage unit can offer:

  • Many self storage facilities have flexible rental options including month by month rent. This allows you to use the storage locker for the month without any long term commitments.
  • For something such as hiding gifts, the incredibly affordable 5×5 unit will be able to accommodate your needs in almost any situation.
  • Many facilities offer climate controlled storage for weather sensitive items such as electronics.
  • You can rest easy knowing your gifts will be a surprise when everyone opens them.

Surprising those you are closest with is one of the best feelings there is. When human curiosity gets in the way

Hiding toys and presents doesn’t have to be a concern when you use a storage unit.

this great surprise can be spoiled and for some it can take the joy out of it. With the things that self storage can offer such as monthly rent, affordable rates, and options to keep your gifts safe, using a storage locker can help you enjoy your holidays without having to worry about the curiosity of your family. Store those Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases away but make sure you don’t leave any evidence – then again, the really curious ones will check your browser history!


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