Have you ever looked at a celebrity’s home on television or noticed a stunning room in a magazine and wished you could achieve that look? You don’t have to invest in crown moulding, a marble countertop, or the latest unlacquered brass hardware to start turning your home into a dream home. One thing all of those vignettes and rooms have in common is their lack of clutter. I guarantee you that not one of those picture-perfect spaces had piles of stuff stacked up on the counters or crammed built-in bookshelves. You don’t have to get rid of all of your treasures that aren’t used every day (that take up valuable space in your home and can cause an eye sore); simply put all of that into a self storage unit.

Take a cold, hard, honest look at the rooms in your home to start weeding out what isn’t used regularly and what isn’t aesthetically pleasing. For example, begin with your office space and look at your old yearbooks. They are valued keepsakes, but those old school colors and vinyl covered books don’t exactly look pretty on your bookshelf. Also in your office, put some of your personal records and files into storage. Those things add up quickly. Filing cabinets and storage bins rarely make the list of high-end pieces of furniture—especially when they are plastic storage bins that you used to use in college. Most of us can’t afford the expensive desk furniture, but we can at least try with the Ikea look-a-like items, right? But no matter how much you dress up your look-for-less pieces of furniture in that home office, clutter will still make it look messy.

Putting your kitchen items into a storage unit can help as well. Glass front cabinets aren’t pretty when you have them slam full of things you only need once or twice a year. Serving trays, giant mixing bowls, your holiday plates, and more can be moved into a climate controlled storage unit so you can have space to nicely display your dishes. Also, you’ll be able to clear off your countertops if you have room to hide your small appliances in your cabinets when you safeguard items in storage. If you rent a storage unit near your home that has 24-hour access, you won’t have to worry a bit about putting your things somewhere where you can’t get them when you need them.

Also, creating a luxurious sanctuary in your bedroom begins with putting your extra clothes, shoes, coats, and whatnot into storage and out of your relaxation space. Odds are you’ll sleep much better and feel more relaxed when your dresser drawers can be nicely closed and your closest isn’t overflowing. Switching out your things seasonally by putting things into a mini storage unit will yield you great returns on your room’s style and function (as well as your sanity).

Think about those magazine-quality rooms and imagine your home looking as clean, pretty, and uncluttered as they do. It is easier than you think to start giving your home a makeover. Start by putting your extra items into a self storage unit near your home.