By Kristin Leigh, Moving, Storage & Organization Contributor to

Yesterday we shared part 1 with you on how Kristin and her husband were trying to decided on what to do with their stuff. Here’s part 2 so you can see what they decided to do! 

So, everything is in boxes on shelves in the basement and out of the way for our everyday living for now. With this solution we don’t know where everything is, but at least we can live normally until we have time to fully unpack and tackle the beast that is “box city” downstairs. Here’s our plan of action on how to eventually deal with everything:

1) Type and print out an inventory list of where everything is in the entire house.  This will take a lot of time and will change as well because we aren’t going to keep everything  forever, but at least we can take out our inventory list in the future, turn to the page labeled, “GARAGE” and see what is stored in each bin, on each shelf.

2) Get rid of the extra clutter and junk:  Go through each box and bin and decide what we are going to keep, give away, sell, what will stay stored for a while, and what we occasionally use

3) Get rid of all boxes and replace them with storage bins so they are free from climate damage, bugs, etc.

4) Figure out a system to store everything as efficiently as possible for us.  For example, place all holiday décor together so it is easy to locate.  Place items that we don’t need to really get out, in the back of the shelving unit and items we will use more frequently towards the front.

So while the husband and I may not agree on every storage solution for our house, mapping out a plan that we both agree with and sticking to it, can help us stay on track to getting our house completely organized in a way that fits both our needs. Basically we did storage his way at first by hiding all the boxes, but now we are going to do things MY way.

Another key thing to note is that completely re-organizing a house or even a room or basement, will take some time and patience.  Just remember to stay on point, have a plan and stick with it.  With a little practice you will have a clutter free, organized space in no time.