Keep Baby Furniture and Clothes in Self Storage

By Molly Hammond,

Becoming a parent is an unparalleled experience. Unfortunately, the arrival of a child can also mean the arrival of a lot of items that he or she will quickly outgrow. Not only are these cribs, changing tables, clothes, and toys tied to precious memories that you might not be ready to part with, but they’re expensive and take up space. If you’re planning on having another child down the road, it’s much smarter to keep all of your baby items for later rather than tossing them. However, where are you going to put all of these items until they’re needed again? Well, a storage unit can be the perfect solution.

Choose Your Unit

The first thing on the road to decluttering your home is to find yourself a storage facility with a unit that’s just the right size. Correctly gauging how much space you need can save you from wasting money on extraneous storage.

Cribs and changing tables will probably be the largest items you’ll store, and a 5×5 or 5×10 can easily accommodate them with plenty of room for boxes of other items. Gather everything you’ll be storing into one room to get a better idea of how much space you’re like to need, and remember that you can stack containers and collapse some larger items!

Consider Climate Control

Climate-controlled storage is an amenity that keeps a storage unit and its contents at a consistent temperature and humidity level. A unit with climate control is important for items that are fragile or particularly sensitive to heat, cold, and humidity.

While climate control probably isn’t a necessity for items that are durable enough to withstand baby’s spills, it can be a worthwhile investment when storing baby clothes, as you don’t want them to develop mold, mildew, and hard-to-clean smells that can develop if too much moisture gets in. Climate-controlled storage can also be an important amenity if you intend to store anything that’s emotionally or personally significant. An antique crib might warp or crack in the heat and cold, and you wouldn’t want to have to discard baby’s first booties!

Envision a storage unit without climate control like it’s a garage or basement, and decide if you’re comfortable leaving items there for an extended amount of time.

Divide and Conquer

One of the biggest favors you can do yourself when moving into a storage unit is to organize! Store similar items in the same container, and it will be much easier to find what you’re looking for when the time comes. Opt for plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes. These bins stack better, are easier to lift and arrange, and don’t attract pests that might ruin the items inside—plus, you can get an idea of what’s where without having to tear through your whole unit.

Wash clothing and other fabrics before storing, as small stains can darken and ruin fabrics over time, and be sure to remove batteries from any toys or tools—there’s no point in storing that expensive monitor if it won’t work down the road!

Moving the baby gear you don’t need on hand is a great way to reclaim some space in your home. Storing things properly means that everything will be kept in great shape, whether it’s needed for the next little one to come, hand-me-downs to a friend, or for your own baby’s babies!