How to Store Left Over Paint
How to Store Left Over Paint

As the weather starts to warm up, windows start to open, and the slow itch of spring cleaning begins to take root. Perhaps you’re looking to sell your house, maybe you’re moving into a new home—or maybe you just want to spruce up the place. In any case, the spring season is a great time to knock out a painting a project.

Whether you’re sprucing up the house for spring cleaning, preparing a home before a showing, or even starting a small painting business, there’s the often overlooked problem of what to do with the leftover paint. Disposing of it can be a process, and you’ll never know if you may need it for touch ups down the way. Fortunately, self storage can be a great solution for storing your left over paint.

Preparing leftover paint for self storage

There are benefits to keeping the leftover paint for your home or business. Knicks and scratches in paint are everyday occurrences, and you never know when you’ll need to touch up here and there. To prepare your paint for self storage, the American Coating Association recommends a few simple steps.

For best results, the ACA says to place clear plastic wrap over the opening of the paint can prior to securely sealing the lid back on to the can. If you’re storing paint for your home or office, place a piece of masking tape on the can and clearly label which room or wall the paint was used to find it easily later on. When you’ve made sure the lid is leak-proof, place it upside down in a place with a moderate temperature and out of the reach of kids—like a 5×5 storage unit.

Storage features for storing paint

To ensure that your paint stays in ready-to-use condition during its time in storage, the climate control will be crucial in storing your leftover paint. Find a storage facility with climate controlled units, which will maintain the inside of your storage unit a constant temperature and humidity level. This is especially useful in areas that experience extreme seasonal weather, as the fluctuations can damage the paint beyond use.

If you’re storing paint for a painting business, you’ll want to get to your paint on your time and easily. Find a storage facility with drive up access to pull your work truck or van up directly to your unit for easy drop off and pick up. You’ll also want a facility with 24 hour access so you can get to your inventory on your time, which may not always be during traditional business hours.

Start storing your leftover paint today

Following the simple ACA recommended steps in preparation, you can ensure that your leftover paint will stay usable for your next spring cleaning, and you can start doing this today.

Using the powerful search tools and massive online directories, can help you find the perfect storage unit for your paint. Plus, once you find the storage facility for you, you can reserve your unit directly online with us or call in to one of our storage representatives for further assistance.

Thanks for using for all your self storage needs!

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