Musical Instrument Storage
Musical Instrument Storage

How to store musical instruments


Are you a musician living in a small downtown apartment? A parent whose child’s dream of performing is momentarily put on hold? Or how about a guitarist who’s realized the difficulty of stopping at one guitar? Whether you prefer electronic or acoustic, brass or woodwind, drum kit or e drums, your musical instrument can take up a lot of space at home.


Placing your instruments in a storage unit can give you back your space. And by using the right storage features and security, you can ensure your instruments are safe while in self storage.


Preparing instruments for self storage


An important first step to maintaining a working condition of your instrument is proper cleaning. This means wiping down guitar necks, slides, valves, etc. First and foremost, instruments are made to be played. Over the course of their time being played, oils, dust, and other contaminants can take hold. In storage, this can cause strings to become grim, slides to stick, and even electronic components to malfunction.


The second important step is to place the instrument into its proper case. Even the slightest dent in a trumpet will alter its sound, and there really should only be one hole in an acoustic guitar. Cases were designed to prevent any physical damage from occurring to the body of the instrument, so use them.


Storing musical instruments in self storage


After caring for your instrument, the next step is selecting the right storage unit. The first question often asked is what size storage unit is needed. Unless you’re storing the contents of an entire band, a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit should be large enough. For reference, this is size is comparable to a spare walk-in closet.


Other things to consider when placing your musical instrument in a storage unit include:


  • Climate control: This feature maintains a constant temperature and humidity level. As fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can warp wood, rust metals, and even fry electronics, anyone placing a musical instrument into self storage should consider a climate controlled storage unit.
  • Security: Musical instruments can be an investment or an expensive habit. Either way, a great deal is put into playing music. A storage facility with strong security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and even onsite management to keep your items safe from the risk of theft or vandalism.
  • Access: For those storing larger instruments such as a drum kits, tubas, or even tenor drums for marching, it may be worth finding a storage facility with drive up access. This feature allows you to pull up directly to your storage unit for easy drop off and pick up, so you can the walking for the field.


Start storing your instruments today


Once you’ve prepared and found the storage unit that fits your need, you can start storing your musical instrument today! Using our online directories and strong search filters, you can find the perfect storage facility to store your musical instruments. Plus, once you find it, you can reserve directly online!


Thanks for using for all your storage needs!

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