Storing winter clothes
Storing winter clothes

How to store winter clothes


Thought it might not seem like right away, winter is ending soon and warmer weather is on the way. The time is quickly approaching when bulky coats, sweaters, boots, and other winter coats can be put away—but do you have the space? Whether you live in a small apartment with little storage space or have a growing family eating up space at home, winter clothing can take up a lot of room at home. Thankfully, self storage can provide the perfect place to store your winter clothes.


With low costs, perfectly sized places, and nearby locations, a storage facility can be a great place to keep all of your winter gear.


Tips for storing winter clothes


Before storing your winter clothes and outfits, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep them in great condition. For starters, wash and clean everything ahead of time. After this, take inventory of what you want to store and what you can donate or sell; before storage is the perfect time to determine what sweaters you can part with or which outfits your kids may have outgrown. From here, you can start packing up your clothes.


Place any outdoor coats, gloves, boots, or other tougher clothing items into large plastic bins and label the outside so you know what’s inside. For the more sensitive or delicate items, gently fold items such as sweaters, even placing them in acid-free tissue paper. For winter dresses or furs, it is recommended that you hang them. This may require a rolling rack in some storage unit.


Considerations in a storage unit for winter clothes


When placing winter clothes in self storage, the biggest things to consider are size and location. For size, most people will only need a small 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit, which is roughly the size of spare closet at home. As far as location, the natural instinct may be to get a storage facility close to you. However, this may be a great chance to save some money.


If you live in a downtown apartment or bustling suburb, storage units may have a higher price to meet the demand. By finding a storage facility further out of town, there’s the chance to save some money—especially as you’ll only need to get into the storage unit a few times a year.


Other considerations when placing winter clothes in storage include:


  • Security features: If you’re storing expensive winter clothing, it may do well to find a storage facility with strong security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, or even onsite security to deter any theft or vandalism.
  • Pest and climate control: While no one wants to think of pests or mold growing in their clothing, it’s important to consider, especially in regions with hot, humid summers. When storing fabrics and furs, it’s important to find a storage facility with pest and climate control, a feature that maintains a temperature and humidity level, to prevent any such damages.



Placing winter clothes in a storage unit


When it comes time to place your winter clothing in self storage, there are some things you can do to make the experience easier. For instance, take inventory and clearly label all boxes placed in storage. From here, place all boxes along the wall of the storage unit, rather than in a big pile at the center or back. This way, you can easily see and access any items you may need later on.


Start winter storage today


With a few easy steps and the right searches, self storage can be the perfect solution for your winter clothes storage needs—and you can start right here. Using’s filters, you can find the right storage facility at the right price and reserve your unit today. Thanks for using us for all your storage needs.


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