Storing Classroom Supplies

By Mike Jones,

As a teacher, it seems like summer isn’t nearly as exciting for you as it is for students. While your former students are off swimming, taking vacations with their families, or sitting on the couch all summer, you’re busy creating lesson plans for the next school year or working a summer job.

To make the summer “break” more stressful, your school’s administrators informed all of the staff that everything had to be out of the school so it could be painted or remodeled before the next school year. Now, you’re stuck moving all of your classroom supplies out of your classroom and into your already cramped apartment or house.

There is a solution to the space-devouring classroom supplies problem, however. You can store your classroom supplies in self storage temporarily over the summer until school starts up again!

Before you start packing everything up for self storage, it’s a good idea to compare what storage facilities in your area have to offer. You’ll definitely want a facility that has temporary rental agreements so you don’t get trapped in a long-term commitment. After all, you only need a self storage unit until the fall when school begins.

Other storage features you might want to keep in mind are climate-controlled units and additional security. This is especially important if you have to store electronic equipment, such as computers or projectors, which can be easily damaged by heat or humidity, as well as expensive to replace if stolen.

With climate-controlled storage, you’ll be able to keep your unit at a constant temperature and humidity level so your electronic items won’t be ruined. And with security features like individually-alarmed units, on-site management, or video surveillance, your unit will be protected from potential break-ins.

As for the unit size, it depends on what you’re storing. In most cases, a 5×5 should be more than plenty for your classroom supplies. These units can typically hold a few boxes, a dresser, and a mattress set, so those boxes full of books and items from your desk, as well as those five-shelf bookcase should fit perfectly. If your classroom has more than just boxes and shelves though, you’re going to need something bigger.

For example, if you have giant beanbag chairs along with the boxes and bookshelves, you’ll probably want a 5×10 or 5×15. If you have a couch from your classroom’s reading area with the boxes and shelves, something more along the lines of a 10×10 would be better. This is why it’s so important to take stock of what you’ll be storing before you rent a storage unit. Otherwise, you could be renting a unit that’s too small or too big.

Remember: Storing your school supplies in a storage facility will ensure that they’re safe, clean, and ready for your classroom and your new students in the fall. That, and they’ll be out of your way this summer!