Storing Golf Equipment

By Patrick Galvan,

With winter approaching, it will soon be time to put away your golf clubs and golf carts until warmer weather returns. Instead of leaving everything in your garage or the trunk of your car where it will take up valuable space, consider storing golf equipment in a self storage unit. That way, you can rest assured that it will remain safe from vandalism, theft, and the elements until the following golf season. Not to mention, a self storage facility allows you to easily access your equipment in case there’s a chance of good golfing weather in the middle of the winter.

Preparing Golf Equipment for Storage

Before moving your gear to storage, you should clean everything.

Too much grime or dirt left on a golf cart’s exterior for long periods of time (like in storage for the winter) can start to eat away at the paint and surface materials, giving the cart a chipped appearance. Nobody wants to drive a shoddy-looking golf cart on the course. That’s why it’s important to give your golf cart a good wash.

When it comes to cleaning your golf cart, the tires need special attention as well. “[W]e always suggest using a wax or tire shine for your tires, especially in [climates] where it is hot and dry,” advises Apex Golf Carts, which is based in Lake Forest, Calif. “[Proper cleaning] will prevent dry rot from settling in your tires.”

Apex Golf Carts also recommends replenishing your golf cart’s batteries, stating, “Always make sure to top off your batteries with distilled water…then [give] the batteries a full charge before storing over an extended period of time.” Distilled water is recommended because it doesn’t contain minerals or salts, which could damage the battery over time. Be sure to coat the batteries with battery corrosion spray or grease, too.

And don’t forget about cleaning your clubs! Mud and grass can impact how a club strikes a golf ball, which means not taking the time to clean mud and grass off of your clubs could affect your game.

“I would recommend wrapping the golf bag to protect it from dust and other elements [as well],” suggests Monique Garcia, Area Manager for Devon Self Storage in Thousand Hills, Calif. “Plastic, bubble wrap, or shrink wrap will do.”

Finding the Right Storage Unit Size for Golf Gear

Once you’ve made the necessary preparations ahead of storage, your next step is finding a storage unit size for your golf gear. If you’re simply storing a single bag of golf clubs, you don’t need much space.

“You could probably just go with a 5×5, which is about the size of a pantry closet,” says Garcia. “It’ll fit perfectly in [a unit of that size], unless you want to store additional equipment in there.”

If you own a golf cart that has a pre-installed holder for golf bags (usually on the rear of the cart), you can store everything together simply by strapping the bags into the back and parking the cart in the unit. In this situation, Garcia says a 10×15 would be better.

Remember: You don’t want clutter inside of your storage unit. Everything should be spaced out so you can easily move things in and out of your unit. As a result, the risk of storage items tipping over and breaking decreases. This is beneficial for the condition of your equipment, as well as your own safety.

Drive-Up Access Units for Golf Cart Storage

Another aspect you need to think about if you’re storing a golf cart is how you’ll get that cart into your storage unit. This is where having drive-up access is useful. This storage feature allows you to pull a car or truck up to your unit outside and drop your items off without having to go inside the building, through doorways, or up a flight of stairs.

“You can just drive [your cart] into the unit and park it,” says Garcia, who believes drive-up access storage units also make accessing your equipment easier when you need to pull it out of storage for a warmer-than-average winter day.

Controlling Temperature and Humidity When Storing Golf Gear

Before moving anything into long-term storage, you should consider the values of climate control. This technology utilizes air flow and temperature management to moderate the interior conditions of a self storage unit. Surprisingly, having climate control for golf equipment is useful, though the gear is made to handle outdoor conditions.

Particularly, it protects the batteries in golf carts. Apex Golf Carts encourages people to store their golf carts “in temperatures above freezing [so] batteries will not freeze over.” If you decide you don’t want a climate-controlled storage unit for your golf equipment, you can still protect the batteries by having “[a] charge hooked up to the battery overnight in order to keep [them] from freezing.”

Garcia agrees that controlling temperature is a must for golf equipment. “Climate control is helpful because it can be set to remain at a certain temperature,” she explains. “This will prevent the metal surfaces from warping.”

But humidity is a concern for metal surfaces, too. When trapped in a contained space, water molecules can lead to the development of rust, mildew, and mold growth, all of which will corrode metal and ruin golf equipment over time.

If you’re storing a golf cart in an outdoor storage space, there are a few precautions you can take to prevent damage from humidity. Garcia suggests using products like Damp-rid, which are designed to absorb moisture. This will “pull moisture out of the air and [prevent it from sinking] into your items,” she explains.

Why Use Self Storage for Golf Equipment?

Golf is not an inexpensive sport, and neither is the equipment needed to play it. So protect your investment during the gaps between the warmer seasons by moving your belongings into a storage unit. When stored properly, your equipment will be well-preserved and ready for your next trip to the course in the spring.