storage unit items

Having one or multiple kids in sports is a challenge, not only for scheduling conflicts, but also for finding a way to contain the equipment mess.  No matter how big your house or garage space is, stuff adds up quick, and  soon you will be asking yourself, “How can we store all of this stuff?”  Some sports, like dance and swimming don’t have such bulky equipment.  Golf and hockey are activities that require much larger awkward equipment.  Here are some tips on keeping all that equipment stored neatly and safely.


  1. Keep out in-season equipment only


It can be completely annoying to be tripping over all the sports equipment year round.  One way to keep it organized is to put away everything that is not being used in that particular season.  If football season is over put all of the football equipment away until next year.  Is winter getting ready to make its’ arrival?  Store all summer sports in a place that is out of the way but still easily accessible.  Have a lot of summer stuff that will be taking up residency in and around your home?  Consider getting a small storage unit to store it all in.


  1. Go vertical


Garages tend to be a dumping space for everything under the sun.  If you have a small garage, getting cars parked in comfortably may be a huge stressor.  Try storing your toys and equipment off of the floor.  Put in shelves along the wall.  Hang bikes from the ceiling with a bike rack.  Place a peg wall up to hang helmets, scooters, and baskets to organize smaller items.


  1. Build shelves


There are so many different options for garage shelves and racks, these days.  If you can’t find something you like and are handy, you could try your hand and building your own.


  1. Repurpose Items from your house


Before heading out to the store to buy more storage supplies, take a look around your house to see what you could use to store items.  5-gallon paint buckets work great for storing balls, gloves and skates.  Laundry baskets could be used to gather shoes that we don’t want to take into the house.  Have an old shelving unit or dresser that is waiting to be taken to a donation center? Maybe it could be used to contain soccer and baseball equipment or outdoor yard games.


  1. Ceiling mounted racks


Ceiling mounted racks can be a great solution for long term storage of all that equipment we are not using.  They can hold a lot and is an ideal way to getting stuff up off the ground and out of the way.


Hopefully, we have given you at least one idea you can use to get that equipment mess under control.  Of course, the best way to keep the clutter at a minimum is to periodically go through it all to make sure you still need and use it.  Donate used sports equipment to schools.  If you are looking to sell unwanted and unused sports equipment, there are lot of online websites and second hand stores that would be of great use to you.