Properly Storing Guns

Properly Storing Guns

By Nick Bilava,

The hunting season for big game won’t be open until September, and once the short spring turkey season ends in mid-May, hunters across the country will be looking for a place to safely store their rifles and other firearms.

Guns are delicate and powerful pieces of machinery, and there are plenty of opportunities for disaster when they aren’t stored properly. Proper gun storage needs to accomplish three goals:

  • Prevent the gun from firing
  • Protect the gun from damage
  • Lower the chances of theft

Preventing the Gun from Firing

It seems obvious, but the simplest way to prevent a gun from accidentally firing is to unload it any time it’s not in use. Moreover, any experienced gun owner will know that ammunition must always be stored separately from firearms.

Trigger and cable locks are also effective preventative tools. Trigger locks enclose the trigger of the gun so it can’t be pressed. Cable locks run through the barrel or action of a firearm, making it impossible to load and fire the gun. Many new guns come with a trigger lock, but they are inexpensive (around $15) if you need to buy one.

Protecting the Gun from Damage

Protecting your firearms from any damage while in storage requires a bit more work. Guns should be completely disassembled, then thoroughly cleaned and oiled. Special attention should be given to the gun’s bore and action, as corrosion can cause serious damage if any powder or copper from ammo is left behind.

Opinions vary on which products are best when cleaning your gun, but whichever brand you choose, make sure follow up with a quality gun grease and rust preventative.

Once the gun is clean, you’ll want to place it in a sturdy plastic or metal gun case. Prices will vary depending on the material and extra security measures, but a hard-side case will protect the firearm from any dents or scratches.

Fluctuating temperatures and high humidity can cause condensation, leading to rust and other catastrophic damage, which means guns should be stored in relatively dry, mild climates. When searching for a storage unit to keep your guns, make sure that you get a climate-controlled unit that can offer a stable environment for your firearms. This is especially important when storing a collection of antique guns, particularly those with a wooden stock or foregrip, as exposure to high humidity levels will warp the wood over time.

Lowering the Chances of Theft

There’s no question that firearms are valuable. Furthermore, they can be dangerous when found in the wrong hands. When storing your guns long-term, security is essential. Investing in a quality cabinet or gun safe can go miles in terms of deterring potential thieves, especially models that can be bolted to the wall or floor. As an added security measure, some gun models allow you to remove the firing pin or rifle bolt. By doing this, the gun rendered unusable even if it were to be stolen.

When storing guns at a storage facility, find out if the facility offers additional security options. On-site management, surveillance cameras, and individually-alarmed units are all features that will help keep your collection safe.

Take these measures to properly store your firearms, and you’ll make sure that they are safe and ready to use once the hunting season opens again!usssSignatureLogo