Strategize & Use Smaller Boxes When Moving

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Putting all of your eggs in one basket…it is a phrase that comes in handy for many aspects of life. I would venture to argue that when it comes to packing for your move that this phrase helps too. After a stressful few days of waiting for a suitcase that the airline accidentally left behind–not lost mind you, “left behind”–I realized how important it is to diversify your packing (as long as you still keep things organized).

Using smaller boxes when packing can help you avoid "putting all of your eggs in one basket" so if one box gets misplaced, you won't be in TOO much of a bind. (andersphoto/

Using smaller boxes when packing can help you avoid “putting all of your eggs in one basket” so if one box gets misplaced, you won’t be in TOO much of a bind. (andersphoto/

There are several ways to achieve this without things becoming chaotic. I can see how separating items might sound like trouble when you’re unpacking or trying to find stuff in storage, but I say that you can still separate thing without it becoming chaos.

For example, look when you’re packing boxes, see how you can spread out your items. Let’s look at shoes as a prime first example. I would never pack all of my shoes in to one box. I would put maybe tennis shoes and sandals together in a box and then fill the rest of it up with something else OR just use a smaller box. I would then put boots and dress shoes in another box. It could be tempting to put all of your shoes together in one giant box, but then if this box gets lost, you have to replace allllll of your shoes.

I’ve seen people who have moved lose all of their grandmother’s priceless antique dishware and another lost all of their photo albums. If they had used smaller boxes for the dishware, maybe they would still have some of the pieces left to the set. If the other family had put a few albums into different office boxes then they might still have some of their family photos.

When dividing and packing, think to yourself if you can logically separate a category of items into a several different, smaller boxes. This practice is just a little way of protecting yourself from a total loss of a certain item. Using smaller boxes is the best way to achieve this while staying organized. Mixing items in bigger boxes can work too, but it would be a LOT easier to wind up in a mess this way. See what you can do to NOT put all of your eggs in one basket that you won’t be absolutely crushed if that one box goes missing.

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